Does Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Feature The MCU’s Best Cameo? | IGN Live Spoilercast

SPOILER WARNING! Anything’s possible in the Marvel Cinematic Universe these days. Our Spoilercast crew breaks down one of Wakanda Forever’s most interesting moments.

[Music] Let's jump right into the next topic the Cameos now we got a very surprising Cameo in a character we all thought was Buried with his ancestors at the sea in Killmonger now I'm really curious to Know uh from you all uh is this the best Cameo that we've seen from the MCU so Far what do we think I think it might be I think this might Be the best Cameo in the MCU and I think The reason for that is because it is a Perfectly deploy it sort of checks all The boxes it's a character that we love And that uh hit with audiences so hard In that first Black Panther movie uh but It is a cameo that is also deployed at a Perfect time in service of this story Which is that it's it's killmonger that Shory sees on the ancestral plane when She takes the synthesized heart-shaped Herb uh and it's it's killmonger it's The character who represents the worst Possible uh uh inclination inclinations She would have as the New Black Panther And it's this insanely tense scene that Michael B Jordan came in and just Crushed what did you guys think of it Well first of all I want to clarify our Terminology here nothing touches the Stan Lee cameos interspersed throughout The entire MCU uh but this this is Actually media year than a cameo I came It was like a walk-on you know wink at

The camera yeah a few lines but what We're saying this is this is the best Deployed like surprise appearance small Role uh there was another surprise Appearancia Julia Louis-Dreyfus uh but I I would not say that it goes anywhere Near how great and effective Um and awesome this was because yes Um it sure is at a point in her journey Where she only wants to become black Panther Because She Wants Revenge I Don't even think she's willing to admit That to herself but when killmonger is There and she is the one who chose you Know who she wanted to see she Subconsciously picked him and that was Such a great moment and it's it's the Great reveal as well what we think it's Her mother and then we pan around the Chair it's killmonger well I actually Saw Tommy mentioned earlier like there Was like kind of this question about Would they try to like digitally Recreate Chadwick and in that scene I Was like oh my God here it comes because I really didn't want them to do that and I thought he was going to turn around it Was going to be t'challa and if it Wasn't t'challa like you said it was Going to be raimonda and so it like for Me it has everything you could want from Like a guest appearance it's a big Surprise because I had no idea it was Coming it makes sense within the

Storyline and within shury's journey and It's a character that like I one of my Favorite characters in all of the MCU my Favorite villain in all the MCU like I Totally agree with you guys I think it Was perfect yeah I think Michael B Jordan just has the best cameos there is I mean like the last time I was this Surprised to see him was in Space Jam 2. Yeah I'm just gonna be honest like just I'm so glad uh that we saw him uh now Moving on

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