Disney & Marvel Games Showcase 2022 Livestream

Tune in to the Disney & Marvel Games Showcase on September 9 at 1pm PT / 4pm ET on IGN followed by an exclusive post-show! Expect announcements from the worlds of Star Wars, Pixar, Disney, and Marvel including looks at Marvel’s Midnight Suns, Disney Dreamlight Valley, the new Marvel ensemble game from Skydance New Media, and much more!

Casino Gambling and The Tao

A historical look at gambling and it’s relation to Taoist philosophy, psychological, economic studies. It may seem strange to equate casino gambling with Taoist philosophy, but it may be because gambling is so much a part of and widely accepted in Chinese culture. The very first recorded history of playing cards date back to 9th century China which makes sense being that they were the inventors of writing paper. The first book written with reference to playing cards dates to the Tang Dynasty (618-907) called Yezi Gexi. By the 11th century playing cards could be found throughout Asia featuring many of the 108 heroes of Lan Shun found in the Chinese classic the “Water Margin.”

5 Most Popular Mobile Games in 2014

Mobile games have become popular among gamers and the latest and most popular of these games are designed to take advantage of the better tablets and faster phones and provide more fun than ever before. Of the 5 Most Popular mobile games of 2014, four have yet to be released and 1 has all ready come and gone. Here is a look at these 5 games.

Mini-Baccarat – The Unsung Hero of Casino Gambling

The article presents a history of casino table game of baccarat and an explanation of the rules of the game. There is a comparison of baccarat and mini-baccarat with playing/betting strategies and the advantages of mini-baccarat.

Why Today’s Games Require More Power and Hard Drive Capacity

Over the last few years PC gaming has come a long way. As a serious gamer you need to buy a good prebuilt or custom build your own high performance desktop gaming computer optimized for the newest games. You need a powerful custom PC With the graphics capabilities, processing speeds and memory required for today’s fast paced, large and visually mind blowing games.

How Video Games Could Help Your Business

I know what you’re thinking “how could video games ever benefit me in anyway, let alone help my business”, firstly I don’t want to give the false impression that by staying home all day and playing video games your business will skyrocket, it won’t, hard work and dedication is the only formula for that my friends. However I do want to examine the benefits of playing video games, and show the translation of these benefits into our fine world of business. Social Networking Online multiplayer games are huge; it is the most played game…

The Game of Draw Poker – A Brief History

This is an article giving the true, brief history of Draw Poker. The game was born and bred in the USA. In many ways it’s as American, as well, mom and apple pie. After its origin in the mid-1800,’s the game evolved into a worldwide popularity and eventually morphed into the current Texas Hold ’em. A poker timeline is included.

Call of Duty’s Influence Over the FPS Genre Is Coming to an End

As Microsoft introduced the Xbox One and Sony revealed the PlayStation 4, that trend didn’t seem to falter. Call of Duty: Ghosts was coming alongside both consoles’ release, and to no one’s surprise ended up be the most popular game on both platforms. It seemed that this trend was going to follow gaming even longer, and possibly hinder the progression of game design for even longer. I thought that same thing until I played Titanfall.

Transformers Games – War For Cybertron Review

Video games enthusiasts, especially young kids, who play Transformers games opt for the latest ones which are no doubt very interesting. There are quite a few video games to choose from at any point of time and games have to be really special or else people will not play them. War For Cybertron is one of the most popular Transformers games being played.

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