Disney has an AI that can age or de-age actors in a matter of seconds 🤯 #disney #ai #shorts

Disney has a brand new tool that can Significantly speed up the process of De-aging actors in movies enter Fran or Facial reaging Network it can Convincingly age or de-age actors in a Matter of seconds while other methods Require painstaking post-production work Fran uses a trained neural network that Can automate the process in a fraction Of the time it also produces better Results than other automated de-aging Methods as seen here of course Fran Doesn't do it all aging takes more than Just adding a few wrinkles and Fran Notably can't do things like gray hair Or put on a few extra pounds it also Doesn't work particularly well with very Young actors that being said it's still A powerful tool that produces modern Results which honestly look amazing hell It already looks way better than Something like young Robert Downey Jr in Civil War what are your thoughts on Fran Is D aging Tech cool or concerning let Us know in the comments

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