Disenchanted – Official Trailer 2 (2022) Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey, Maya Rudolph

I know that change can be scary but it Can also be exciting Let's start our new life [Music] Does anyone in Andalusia ever just say Stuff not if we can help it This world feels very different is it Sometimes easier to live in andalasia Well I wouldn't say easier we have Dragons and ogre rebellions last year The entire kingdom was trapped in a Giant whale oh this is not a magic land It is a land far far away from my Friends I'm a commuter now you're riding this Train over and over and over and over And over and over and over and then you Die As you can see Giselle everyone has Their place once you've found where you Fit Monroeville can be Whatever you wish I wish for a fairy Tale life Happily ever after it's not always that Easy So hi and my dress is so low Jumping Jelly sticks we got magic [Music] The town is turning into a fairy tale But it's all gone terribly wrong I'm the Last stroke of midnight Nothing will be as it was before An an evil cat I'm not an evil cat I'm Not an evil cat

What is going on you need to remember Your place here Mr mother please [Music] Giselle is it under a curse we have to Stop this or everything animation will Die there's no one wishing your wish now Giselle come on time to be heroes you Know there's only room for one villain In this town You're hilarious Delusional but hilarious

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