Did Andor Episode 4 Just Make The Starkiller Sith Armor Canon? | Star Wars Canon Fodder

The plot thickens! Cassian Andor gets recruited into a heist on an Imperial garrison an we find out more about the mysterious Luthen Rail! Andor Episode 4 continues to unveil the path that leads Cassian Andor to the Rebel Alliance and in the process, we got a whole bunch of deep cut Star Wars Easter Eggs. So is Starkiller’s Sith Armor officially part of Star Wars Canon now? Only one way to find out…

Andor has blasted past what we saw in the Andor trailer and Cassian Andor returns to Star Wars! Andor is a more adult Star Wars story as the Andor series takes audiences on a more serious journey with Cassian Andor. Star Wars seems to be taking a suspenseful route via Andor (Disney Plus) with Diego Luna deftly stepping back into the role originated in Rogue One. Disney Plus will host Star Wars: Andor, making the story of Cassian Andor official. Trailer footage was very striking, but not very telling. Is a Darth Vader cameo possible from the Disney+ series? Andor, explained simply, follows the making of a Rebellion leader, but secrets may come to Andor. Plo Koon, maybe? Plo Koon has been floating as an idea via other series, but it’s not impossible. Plus there’s certain Sith armor that may hint of…oh we’ll just say it! The Starkiller Sith armor is seen, hinting at Starkiller from The Force Unleashed may be canon! IGN Canon Fodder has you covered as host Max Scoville gets that ending explained in his breakdown, along with all the Easter eggs we could find! What’s the deal with Luthen Rail, Mon Mothma, and the Sith stalker armor, and could The Mandalorian even be somehow involved?? Watch and find out!

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