Destiny 2: Season of the Seraph Introduction Mission Gameplay

Rasputin needs the guardians help. Work with Osiris and Ana to recover an unlikely ally on Europa. Introduction mission gameplay

Rasputin the war mind The most powerful artificial Intelligence Humanity ever created Arsenal to match Thousands of War sets primed to Obliterate any and all threats to Humanity The greatest threat of all arrived it Nearly tore Rasputin apart I saved the pieces of him that I could Encrypted them in a specialized Ingram To restore him in an experimental Exo-frame Every attempt I've made has failed Until he's back online all of his weapon Rings up the ground And it's only a matter of time before His warsats fall into the wrong hands [Music] Savithun couldn't conceal every thought So my store One of Neptune The collapse a turning point it's It's a blur I cannot focus has been the Wrench The hidden found nothing there but I saw It Through the woods Queen's eyes A city set against the waves It's like a trick Cora thinks I need to rest For God You've really made no progress while I Was indisposed is that why you're here

Osiris Like Cora won't listen I wonder where she got that from Reds scrambled in there Degrading He's dying The wall mine is our greatest Bastion of Golden age data What it knows I've tried everything I Can't even access his protocols But perhaps your grandfather could Osiris that man No Clover spray is it Is a maniac Selfish murderous monster so it was Rasputin But it might be the only option I have Left Just as Clovis Might be yours When did hope cease to require risk Foreign Thanks for tagging along we're gonna go Have a chat with Clovis about Rasputin Osiris say hi young wolf Anna Like old times Osiris you've seen this perimeter Defense is tripped they've never done That I don't think Clovis is trying to kill Us but it could be anything We should keep our distance until the

Guardian locks a transmat signal for us Got you as close as I could without Blowing us all up and how come we all Applaud Appears your grandfather is on the scene He elicits that sort of reaction Clovis Is in danger so is our mission Is that right the perimeter Towers Aren't accepting my credentials Perimeter defenses zeroing in on you Fight them cover wow noted perimeter Defenses definitely still lethal I don't believe for a second how Salvation hack closes firewall maybe the Vex but he'd implode the lab before Suffering the indignity of losing it That is even a remote possibility We cannot miss our only chance at Restoring the wall mine yeah I'll try to Let him know we're coming so he doesn't Do anything stupid Cryptolith We cannot be Evil Roth's been avoiding Europa I'm Moving to aramis's territory now Foreign Foreign [Music] Okay [Applause] Scrupulous recedes as its Defenders wane It must not be fully established nice to Have an easy solve I still can't raise Clovis but I've got the doors to the sub

Levels open Wrath born made from house salvation Stock Gruesome fate If they nailed to the witness this is a Logical step I don't know An Aramis not allies working towards the Same cause Aramis doesn't strike me as the types of Coloring separation That acolyte's glowing please tell me That thing is not a bomb And slay them all Owed Foreign Foreign Influence enough to worry don't wait Long Clovis may be in danger and more tomb Ships flood europa's Sky every second Then let's not give them any time to pin Us down Foreign What the hell the lab's protocols are Cannibalizing each other let's incite Conflict in mind and mechanism alike The 30th blade eventually meant to see What rods will Wait I think I found him hello Stop whining the guardian's already on Your doorstep Foreign Thank you My security frames are over front

Another example of your over-promised Under deliver attitude huh none of that Sounded like Anna please help me I need You they're killing me ow Satisfy More Cryptids They don't just want his secret they Want him Brought to submit someone's going to Have to tell them that's company Property Guardians Foreign Foreign [Applause] Protocols Turn control to me There you Are establishing transmap connection Groups let's skip the dancing and cut to The chase Anastasia I'm pleasantly surprised to see you Without your sister What was it you said last time we spoke Pretty sure it was screw you putting That Linguistics degree to good use Who is this I am a Cyrus Phoenix of the Dark Age and Scholar of the cosmos I have no equal Q Q impertinence He's impossible We'll find another way to help Rasputin

Rescue The war mind is operational Fascinating His Source code's corrupted I don't know how to fix it but you do Ugh you were always too preoccupied Teaching the war mind to feel to learn How it function What don't I know Simply everything Anastasia But yes I will help you because you need It And because no one else can How uncharacteristically altruistic of You my motive isn't complicated It's exhausting to watch the grains of My legacy slip through my Progeny's fingers Self-preservation that is simple Partition your AI protocols onto this I'll link you into my workshop then we Rebuild recipes Your grandfather is insufferable told You let's get him back to the helm

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