Demeo: Reign of Madness – Official Trailer | Resolution Games Showcase 2022

The fifth and final chapter in the Mad Elven King Saga, Reign of Madness is live and invites Demeo players to the town of Ends where they have a chance to close the Rift Bridge and stop Rackarn once and for all. Available now as a free update for Demeo owners on the Quest Store and Steam.

Foreign [Music] King and his queen that were hell-bent On finding the key to eternal life their Vanity drove them into darkness causing Dracon to be Unleashed upon the world a Force of evil feeding on the corruption Of man So four Heroes we needed it fight back And Save gilmera In sunderhaven the rat king ruled in the Deep maze-like sewers but our heroes Were there pushing evil back Inside Forest mother sigh in the root Lord ruled with an iron fists but in Vain for they were both conquered Under the scorching sun in the romf Desert the heroes fought the false god Of his tear controlled by rakhan's Magic And so we reach the town of n Where people had forgotten the horrors Lurking just beneath their feet [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music]

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