Dead Island 2 – Official Gameplay Overview Trailer

Dead Island 2 looks to be amping up the chaos (and gore) seen in the original Dead Island. So check out a full gameplay overview trailer where you’ll get a look at locations you’ll be visiting in Hell-A, survivors you’ll get to meet in your gruesome journey, and a quick look at some of the weapons you’ll get to use to combat the zombie horde. Dead Island 2 will be released on April 28, 2023.

[Music] All right Welcome to the zompocalypse I hate to tell you but you picked the Wrong time to come to town Bet you thought your world was in chaos Try this on for size bitten infected Somewhere between alive and dead God all Right I'm returning [ __ ] doesn't get More real than this Los Angeles City of Angels or as we like to call it Hello Just think of it as your own stylish Sunbaked zombie smashing playground and Trust me these hungry bastards are Everywhere But don't worry There's more to this city than Hours of Happy skull busting it's crawling with Adventure and crazy ways to pass your Final days We've got all the usual tourist Attractions Albeit with a uniquely horrifying vibe There's loads of survivors you want a Blast on a trip special Although we're getting the pizza The rule is mad as the flesh eaters [Music] Seems they like you a lot Jacob I'll take it from here We've all dreamed about smashing zombie Brains right

[Music] Whether you're slicing kicking stomping Burning Or whatever it is you're gonna really Feel it I guess dreams do come true It's [ __ ] man you'd be amazed at what These angelinos keep in their Hollywood Houses Tana's machetes swords hammers bigger Hammers are those bear claws and Naturally a holy [ __ ] ton of guns If that doesn't do the job DIY is always Your friend This is too awesome Oh and that zombie butt came with a Little pop of Z power Which is always handy Freaking zombies these reanimated [ __ ] come in all shapes and sizes We got big ones Little ones Smart Ones no not new dummy Noisy ones God I hate the noisy ones Even pretty ones you really can't knock Their stuff Except for this guy back for more huh Hey Different Strokes for different Folks right as long as they're dead stay Dead [Music] So What do you say You in hell

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