Dead Island 2 – Official ‘Alexa Game Control’ Trailer

The upcoming Dead Island 2 will feature built-in Alexa Game Control, meaning players will be able to shout voice commands to help them in their zombie adventures through Hell-A. Using Alexa Game Control, players will be able to use their voice to interact with NPCs, swap weapons, and much more. Dead Island 2 will be released on April 28, 2023.

What's up boss here boss You're kidding me Dead Island two we're here coincidence Huh what do you mean finding a video Game set in a zombie apocalypse when We're in a zombie apocalypse Huh Life imitating art Anyway Let's see what this is about looks like I'm going for a smoke then What's Alexa gain control How about I find out for you no chance [Music] Hey zombie get over here What happened I don't know come on come On Uh you might want to find a weapon Guys give me my ax It's like you've played this before [ __ ] it time to go local Are you doing this Get him [Music] [Music] [Music] All right [Music] Hey Brad you gotta see this Thanks for the help guys Pray you're bitching let's get back to It Now Foreign

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