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On today’s IGN The Fix: Entertainment Dave Bautista really wants to be in Netflix’s Gears of War movie as the Guardians of the Galaxy star posted a video of himself in the game’s iconic armour on Twitter. DC Studios’ co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran have begun work on an eight to ten year plan for DC films, TV shows, animation, and more. Finally, legendary animation company Studio Ghibli has teased a possible collaboration with Star Wars and Indiana Jones studio Lucasfilm.


Happy Friday and happy Veterans Day to Those watching in America I'm Nara Stealing infrared keyman in today's fix Of entertainment news Dave Batista just Submitted the most epic resume to Netflix ever the new DCU is about to Kick into high gear with their new CEOs And lucasfilm and Studio Ghibli are Collaborating on something as the team Would say let's drop it Netflix has announced a live action Gears of War movie and Dave Batista just Taught his metaphorical hat in the ring Via a recent Twitter post Batista shared a video cut from footage Of a Gears of War 5 trailer that also Featured Batista in Gears 5 there is an Option to recast the character of Marcus Phoenix as Dave Batista be an optional Skin you can also play as him in Gears 5 Multiplayer Landing the part of Marcus Phoenix would be a quote dream role for Batista a Gears of War live action movie Has been floating around Hollywood in Some form or another ever since the Franchise's Xbox 360 days and Batista Has been campaigning for the part of Phoenix for years speaking with IGN Batista said it was his Destiny to play The role he even turned down a role in a Fast and furious movie just so he could Promote a possible adaptation But what do you think fix audience Should Netflix give Batista a shot I

Mean look at him visually he's a dead Ringer for the part and he's displayed Real acting chops in some high profile Movies recently but let me know your Thoughts in the comments Moving right along the new co-heads of DC films have a plan for the next eight To ten years of projects James Gunn and Peter saffron are pulling together quote Some of the best thinkers in the Industry to start planning content via The Hollywood Reporter the content will Cover the breadth of the entire industry Including film television animation and More gun said to quote we spent the past Couple days with a group of some of the Best thinkers in the industry the best Writers in the industry starting to map Out that 8 to 10 year plan of what it's Going to look like in theater in TV in Animation across the board for these Characters gun and saffron were Appointed co-ceos of DC films after an Extensive search to find DC's equivalent To Marvel Studios Kevin feige one of the Main criticism of the DCU as compared to Marvel's MCU is its lack of cohesion Something that Marvel was able to pull Off under the singular vision and Leadership of feige known the projects Have been announced but Henry Cavill and DC films have confirmed will be back as Superman so it's likely a New Soul Superman movie will be in the works

And finally Studio Ghibli tees a Possible collab with lucasfilm The tease really isn't much it's a 15 Second video showing the two companies Logos but speculation is now running Rampant the obvious candidate is a Star Wars project maybe an episode in season 2 of Star Wars Visions Visions is an Animated Anthology series featuring Standalone stories set in the Star Wars Universe the first season featured Nine Episodes produced by various anime Studios such as production IG who made Ghost in the Shell arise and Trigger who Produce cyberpunk Edge Runners Studio Ghibli is a legendary Japanese animation House responsible for films such as Princess Mononoke Spirited Away My Neighbor Totoro the absolutely Heartbreaking grave of the fireflies and My favorite house Moving Castle but the List goes on and on Studio Ghibli and Star Wars seem like a Perfect match kind of like Dave Batista Playing Marcus Phoenix I'm totally gonna Sell this Dave I got you But then again this might not even be Star Wars related even though the Official Star Wars account did recently Retweet an image of grogu that was Originally tweeted by Studio Ghibli Maybe this is that Indiana Jones series That's in development at Disney plus who Knows we'll just have to wait to find

Out And those are your stories for today November 11th what do you think of Dave Batista chainsaw getting his way through Hordes of locusts in live action and What are your hopes for the new DCU let Us know in the comments and if you're Looking for something else to watch Check out our video of Yellowstone the Story so far and how Neymar could Possibly set up a certain team of mutant Superheroes in the MCU spoilers in that One so watch out follow us on your Social platforms and for all your Entertainment news stick with IGN

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