Cygnus Enterprises – Official Trailer

Check out this trailer for Cygnus Enterprises, a sci-fi base-management & action RPG developed by Team Miaozi, a NetEase Games studio, entering early access on December 16th.

You’ve been recruited by Cygnus Enterprises to become a contractor tasked with repairing a derelict outpost on the remote planet Mytilus. Fight alien creatures, find precious loot, build a sprawling base, manage dozens of employees, and explore alien structures to gather the resources to build a thriving outpost.

Presented by Team Miaozi.

Welcome to sickness Enterprises Contractor We are the Galaxy's leading space Exploration Mega Corporation You have been tasked to restore our Facilities on Middle East to a Productive and profitable state Now let's get to work [Music] Foreign [Music] Just in case things go wrong got it Let's go But enough about you let's talk about me I'll make sure my staff pays her fair Share to use your facilities Opulence comes at a price after all any Future visitors that stay at one of These doors will net you some Well-deserved credits too Time to test out the new upgrades [Music] If you're hearing this And we've failed Please finish what we started [Music] Any of us could have imagined

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