Crossfire: Legion – Official Launch Announcement Trailer

Crossfire: Legion will be leaving Early Access on December 8, 2022. Watch the latest action-packed trailer for another look at this real-time strategy game. The full launch will add the Final Campaign, Act IV, as well as the Operation Northside co-op mode, the new game mode called Brawl, a new skirmish map called Labyrinth, a new payload map called Tongren Facility, twelve new units, three additional commanders, and A.I. creation for the Battle Lines, Payload, Brawl, and Standard Game modes.

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Foreign No plan survives the first battle And we've had many Here we are battle hardened along with Your feedback we are now ready to go Over the top for the launch release We are deploying a plethora of new Content Optimizing and refreshing the Battlefield along with the Final Act of Our gripping story campaign Foreign Legion leaves early access 8th of December

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