CRISIS CORE –FINAL FANTASY VII was originally released 15 years ago on the PSP. Now, the highly anticipated remaster is bringing the fast paced action RPG and emotional original story to a brand new audience. Here are 5 things to know before you play CRISIS CORE –FINAL FANTASY VII– REUNION. Sponsored by Square Enix.

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The award-winning Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII was originally released 15 Years ago on the PSP now the highly Anticipated remaster has brought the Fast-paced action RPG and emotional Origin story to a brand new audience Launching across multiple platforms for The very first time here are 5 things to Know before you play Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII reunion The story of Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII reunion takes place seven years Before the events of Final Fantasy VII So newcomers can jump right in and Follow the plot without needing to have Played the 1997 original or the 2020 Remake sequel the story takes place in The city of midgar an industrial Metropolis governed by the Shady Shinra Electric Power Company Players take the role of Zack Fair a Young and highly excitable member of Shinra's elite military unit Soldier as He seeks to rise at the ranks under the Guidance of his mentor Angel Healey but When a fellow soldier named Genesis Deserts the company Zach becomes Entangled in a Twisted war that Threatens to unveil the darkest secrets Of Shinra and sets up the crucial events Of Final Fantasy VII Fans returning to midgar will spot a lot Of classic characters from The Final Fantasy 7 Universe from legendary series

Villain sephiroth who we meet here as a Member of soldier alongside Zak and Angel to members of shinra's shadowy Task force the Turks outside the company Walls players will also run into a Familiar young flower girl named aerith Gainsborough tending to her flowers in The slum Church there are plenty more Well-known faces to find so keep your Eyes peeled this guy seems familiar too Actually can anyone Place him Just like Final Fantasy 7 remake Crisis Core is an action RPG so players can Control Zach as he hacks and slashes his Way through enemies in real time while Utilizing magic and abilities from the Commands menu using magic such as fire Or thunder requires MP while abilities Such as assault twister consume AP both Of which can be replenished using items Zack can also Dodge roll to avoid Incoming attacks and use his sword to Block them one unique element of Crisis Course battle system is the digital mind Wave or DMW for short which triggers Randomized effects during battle Represented by a trio of constantly Spinning slot reels in the top left of The screen if the numbers align Zac is Granted various status boosts for Example a Triple 7 combo will activate Invincibility for a limited time while a String of twos will make all spells cost 0 MP until the end of the battle Landing

A 7 in any position will also produce a Minor beneficial effect In addition the slots feature images of Characters that Zack has formed a Connection with during the story if These match up it triggers a powerful Limit breakability such as angiel's Rush Assault which exactly should devastating Combo on foes During the course of his story Zach will Square off against a myriad of enemies From humanoid super soldiers to hulking Armored beasts whether you're up against A foul breast Marlborough or an Aggressive Shinra Mech choose your Strategy wisely and look for weaknesses For instance a fiery summon boss like Ifrit is best taken down with ice Elemental Magic some enemies will also Use powerful unique abilities in battle That when activated make them enter a Casting phase with a gauge displayed Across their body now is the time to Attack them mercilessly as every blow You land will lower the gauge and Decrease the ability's impact reduce the Gauge to zero before the time runs out And you can even cancel the ability Entirely not today buddy One of the most iconic aspects of the Final fantasy series summons returns in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII reunion Meaning you can call in beastly entities Like Ifrit or Bahama to Aid Zack in

Battle alongside impressive animations These giant monsters deliver an Enormously powerful attack that will Often wipe the battlefield clean While Final Fantasy VII remake was Exclusive to PlayStation on release Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII reunion is Multi-platform from launch giving Xbox And switch players the chance to dive Into next-gen midgar for the very first Time if you're ready to take your place Among the ranks of soldier Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 reunion is out now on PS5 PS4 Nintendo switch Xbox series X And S Xbox One and PC for more on all Things Final Fantasy stick with IGN

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