Coreborn: Nations of the Ultracore – Official Story Trailer

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Coreborn, initially coming to Early Access on PC, will be a cross-platform free-to-play social survival sandbox game, and is being built on three main gameplay pillars: Survival sandbox (the world of Tormentosia), Adventures (diverse action experiences), and Social hub (Coreheim, the location of the Ultracore).

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I was expecting I'm certain times Oh meaning When destruction comes The Nations fell one by one until the Last six tribes unite it feminists Brought what they lost The lands were tamed by four answers Beasts Blues Millions calculated the Secret formula and skin walls brought it To life while genetics muscles kept me Over transplanting the children of the Force awakened the heart of the machine This is A miracle that protects us from sorgo's Wrath that's the That's about the future is for you to Forge you can reclaim other Vivid lands And restore their former glory Unite the Fallen Nations under the Bright light of mother core The future was foretold no returns

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