Clash: Artifacts of Chaos – Official Story Trailer

Learn about the story and get a look at the gorgeous, strange world of Zenozoik in this latest trailer for Clash: Artifacts of Chaos, an upcoming action-adventure game available on Playstation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC on February 9, 2023.

Explore the wild untamed lands of Zenozoik in this indie adventure. When Pseudo crosses paths with the Boy, it sparks a journey that will see them square off against Gemini, Mistress of the Artifacts on an adventure that will take you across the full breadth of this weird world.

Grandpa is dead Say the words Bones are Earth His flesh is dust His breath his breath is wind Breath is wind Where will I go Is there anyone who can take care of you My brother but he doesn't want to see me All right now I'll take you somewhere Safe but that's it Gemini is expecting You I assume you'll hear about the boy We meet the boy I need the Child Alive If he's dead he can't help me Gemini has the artifact of pain and she Can use it even if she doesn't win the Game of dice imagine the power she has To threaten anyone with that so why is All Gemini so keen on getting her hands On you Cursed that's why Grandpa is dead that's Why my brother hates me Cursed and everyone I touch is cursed Too Poke one law What are you doing to the boy do you Think I had a choice I don't care about Your grand plan [Music] While there is no justice There will be no law

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