Christmas Magic with The Santa Clauses Cast

IGN sat down with The Santa Clauses cast to discuss returning to the North Pole, their most magical Christmas moments, and just what the heck is going on with the Calvin family and the mystery surrounding the Santa Claus mantle.


Hi Santa Claus Have decided to retire We have a grief counselor right so Tim Television and Santa are both very Familiar territory for you but what was It like bringing Santa onto the small Screen Wow well and in design for that that I Don't look at it as a small screen Because how we produce this being both Sides of it this looks looks like a Movie set there's no there's no small Screen to it it It has that really weird hybrid for me Because in television you have many Cameras working at the same time Multi-camera shoots like Last Man Standing their home improvement like a Movie you have a primary camera this is A hybrid of both you'd get cameras Working and I still don't quite Understand why we had three cameras Running and then your primary camera That's all technical stuff how it shoots The set costumes sound special effects All that is just like a movie I find These people are doing this really well And it's it'll it's all for your Enjoyment I look at it audience that's Stand-up comedy I'm loving it it's all About making people laugh this thing is The magic of it the background the set The costumes it's really well done it it

They've really stepped up and it's all For you guys what is your favorite Example of Christmas magic weather in Media or otherwise all my life we my Brothers and I used to sit at the Landing of our house we'd wait till my Parents went to bed and we'd get up Waiting waiting for Santa Claus and one Night and I not it's one of those things We heard jingling We I swear we we saw sin and I'm an Adult going that didn't happen and then My brother said it did I swear we Thought we thought we saw Santa Claus it Whether we were dreaming I don't know What it was that but that was one of Those even when he was an adult girl What was that Yeah and I I can add on to that I feel Like Christmas personally is my like Favorite time of the year I think it's The best time it's just everything like Feels better when it's like winter and Christmas Um but we have so many fun Traditions During Christmas time personally I Always think of like Christmas morning When I wake up he usually sleeps in and My mom and I will go into our like den Area and watch a Christmas movie like With hot cocoa and stuff we'll wait Until he gets up and then go into the oh Okay I sleep till noon what are you Talking about okay fine then we got up

Early I'll just say okay I mean I gotta I I gotta go with movies Right so I didn't grow up in a Christian Household but we did celebrate Christmas So it was more of a more of a secular Holiday and certainly a big a big Celebration so for me it was a lot of The cultural reference points that maybe We didn't grow up with in our own house Um but which were still really Meaningful so the the joy of uh gift Giving I mean gift receiving too Obviously which kid doesn't like getting Presents on Christmas but being able to Give something to somebody and being Able to Um to be together with loved ones in Your community in my case especially Around movies that you love watching Like a Christmas story or the the first Uh Santa Claus movies or Um I know die hard's a little bit Contentious it is a Christmas movie Um but even that you know so so to me It's being able to spend time with People you love and care for yeah for me It's one like probably the only time of The year where most of the family gets Together like an extended family so just The whole idea of watching Christmas Movies Yeah I think it's just me too I love looking Around and seeing everybody I I

Absolutely love having all the kids There and my sisters and watching my Mom's face light up and how content I Can see she feels because all her little Birds are there like it's so it's just Beautiful So Simon's Arc in the first couple Episodes very much acts as like an audio Or an audience stand in like you're Cynical you're burnt out you're tired Um can you talk a little bit about his Journey throughout the season so Simon's A tech bro he started this tech company That uh that did quite well he's a Single dad he has a great very close Relationship with his daughter Um and uh and then Santa who's retiring Decides to interview Simon as one of the Many people he interviews to potentially Take over as Santa Claus and I think That the really interesting Arc that you Obviously picked up on is Um whether Simon really understands the Meaning of Christmas and how his Relationship with his daughter not to Give away too much but how his Relationship with his daughter really Reminds him of the real meaning of Christmas and and figuring out how to be Hopeful again and and how to be maybe Less of a cynic and and to believe to Believe in a magic that's maybe greater Than us Elizabeth much of the first two Episodes are very much about Carol like

Wanting to get her identity back can you Talk a little bit about her journey this Season sure you know I think when we First find Mrs Claus she's happily Reading a book and drinking Croco and I Think she's a nice she's in her element She is a uh legendary figure and a mom And a wife and I and I think that all of A sudden Um she's like wait a minute wait a Minute wait a minute I think there's More like I think there's more for me I Think there's more for everybody and if There's more for you and more for you And more for me then I've completely Forgotten about who I am so how do I get That back what do I do now and I think It's so relatable to me I feel like we We've all been through it you know where You give of yourself and you are part of A dynamic and you make that Dynamic work And then all of a sudden you're like Wait a minute what do I like what is my Favorite color I feel like why all right So I think that's where she is and it it Felt really fun to me to explore the Series sets up kind of a big mystery for The the former Santa and Mrs Claus are We going to see that get developed more Or is that more going to get enveloped Into just finding your identities as Human beings rather than figures again Oh it does both I promise it does both I I think that that's what Tim wanted more

Than anything with this is to delve more Into the mystery of it all I mean I Think that was his most exciting most Joyful idea and I think what they came Up with was incredibly Um touching and feels really authentic To me so I I think that you'll be I Think that's a great question and I Think that it will be further explored There's a lot of there's a lot of Comedy To be mined and both but I think the Heart lives in both worlds and I think That that's that's really where Tim you Know that's where all his his creative Work comes from Elizabeth what was it Like working with your dad I'm such a blast I can't I can't say Enough it's an honor I'm so grateful for It was just it was so much fun there was Never a day that I was like oh gosh I Have to go to work like I would have so Rather have done that than go to school Which I got to do for a while which was Nice but um no I had I had such a blast On set with him Elizabeth Tim thank you Both so much thank you Merry Christmas To you Merry Christmas Who are you I'm Santa Claus

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