Call of Duty Sales Numbers Probably Won’t Be This High on PlayStation Again

Moving on we also have some sort of data On Call Of Duty Modern Warfare sales Which And when that game came out is sort of Open to interpretation because some People got on board early with the Campaign and then the war zone hasn't Come out yet and it's sort of just in This rolling roll out uh but either way PlayStation basically tweeted that is The it is the fastest selling greatest Best all-time record-breaking I'll read It to you it just says congratulations To Infinity Ward and Activision on the Biggest PlayStation store launch ever For a Call of Duty game including Pre-orders and day one sales Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is now available For PS4 and PS5 this is you know Obviously this is a little bit of Marketing this is 100 yeah tied in with You know PlayStation and uh Call of Duty Have a deal going on and they have since Uh since last console generation and This is you know hyping it up being like Hey everyone else is doing it you want To do it you want to do modern warfare But it does kind of raise an interesting Interesting point where You know we've been wondering if Call of Duty is going to go over to Xbox because You know they scooped up Activision it's Not uh Phil Spencer said an interview Recently that Call of Duty is going to

Stay on Playstation as long as there is PlayStation which is pretty similar to How Minecraft has behaved since Microsoft acquired moyang Um So it's it's kind of funny to see PlayStation hype up these sales and then Xbox would be so like yeah that's cool Go go for it but the other sort of Interesting Kind of thing that's happening is that Uh the next Call of Duty won't be until 2024. this is Modern Warfare 2 is going To be the big one for quite some time Which means that it will inevitably sell Really well uh but whenever the next one Rolls out there's a really good chance If not a definite possibility that it is Going to be a day one thing on Game Pass And you kind of have to wonder how many People are going to slap down 70 bucks To buy it on Playstation versus sign up For Game Pass and just play it day and Date I think it's gonna you know really Depend on those the The Gamers out there That have the Xbox as well you know like I have an Xbox series X I probably would Be one of those people who just swap Over and play it on gamepads because for Me Call of Duty doesn't you know it's Not the most long-lived experience for Me I play through the campaign I Prestige once maybe twice and then I

Felt like I've kind of done it all and So I've just kind of moved on to other Stuff but it's also you know part of the Profession I have to play a lot of games So I don't have time to prestige 30 Times through Call of Duty I don't even Know how many prestiges I know I'm such A fake gamer Um you know prestiging once or twice in The first week of launch this just is Not enough apparently to submit myself As a gamer Um Um but yeah I think it's going to come Down to who has you know what console People have in their household if you Have an Xbox you'll probably play it on Xbox for free if you have it on if you Only have a PlayStation I don't see People spending 200 and 200 to play Call of Duty like to Buy a series s or 300 whatever it costs It's a it's a changing sort of playing Field bat Battlefield whatever you want To call it it's the way people consume Call of Duty has shifted quite a bit in Recent years where war zone is a huge Thing right now like that's obviously The big thing and it's free to play yeah And it's kind of weird like I mean you Know there's always that Um I don't I don't know the stats vocal Minority just quiet enjoyers of it but Like some people love the campaign and

Some people love the sort of Conventional multiplayer and some people Don't bother with either of those things And just jump on a war zone and it's Sort of interesting to see how you know We've watched Call of Duty shift from a Very straightforward annualized release Comes in a box you buy it every November To it's a games as a service that is Going to be constantly evolving and come By next month because we've turned Godzilla loose on the island like that Kind of weird eventized approach but um Yeah I would say that the you know the Direction it's going definitely seems Very much in line with uh with the sort Of Game Pass model of just Xbox trying To really build a an ecosystem and have A you know it's it's less about the Number of things as it is the number of People who are In in one place consuming those it's not Like you know physical game sale that's More like how many people do you have Signed up for this Um that said it's sorry go ahead no I'm Kind of I'm kind of curious though let's Say you do own both consoles uh like you Have a PS5 you have an Xbox series X or S whichever one uh what would make you Uh Max I'm just going to toss this Question out to you what would make you Such a loyalist that you would just get It on the PS5 as opposed to just like

Getting it on Game Pass like would there Ever would you imagine a world where That would happen and what would that World look like the unmistakable Thrill Of the active triggers it really feels Like you're shooting a little gun with The with the Dual sense controller those Haptics go a long way Lord speak or you Could just have your money gun and you Just want to shoot it around and so you Just want to spend that 70 dollars I Wish I had a money gun prop I was I Reached down here I was going to grab my Money gun man I thought you had money Guns what's going on here I have lots of Other props just not my money gun prop It's it's easy to kind of look at this Stuff and get sort of like oh everyone's Gonna jump ship and go over to Xbox and At the end of the day like there are Still people who are just ride or die For PlayStation and that's like a lot of Them listen to ours to our show and I Completely get that like yeah some People are like the way they consume Games Game Pass is not an appealing Thing they want to you know they wanna Buy a game in a box once every few Months and enjoy the hell out of it and Then move on to the next thing yeah and You know it's one thing that it's It's Tricky because like it used to be those Loyalties are like oh I want to play on Playstation because my friends are

Playing on Playstation but so many games Are doing cross play now so that's like Another big Point like is I don't even Know if I haven't checked if the new one Is cross player so it's actually kind of Funny what's going on there because it's Sort of yes question mark it's cross Play uh you can't turn it off on on PC It's cross play yes or yes you cannot Change that on Xbox you can turn it off But you have to turn off cross play For All Games entirely so you have to do it Through like the Xbox UI PlayStation They're just like yeah you can turn off Crossplay if you don't want to slum it With those other people just keep it Exclusively in the PlayStation family Which I I imagine is a byproduct of kind Of Sony's long history of not really Wanting to dabble in Cross play like we Got reports that they you know killed Cross play on I think it was rocket League and God I forgot what the other One was uh but yeah I mean there was That whole big kind of push me pull you With with fortnite which was like oh It's the biggest game in the world is Sony gonna budge on this and it's I Think it's good that they have cross Play out there uh it is it's got to be This kind of funny you know it's that's How you keep that that ecosystem Alive By having as many people playing with Each other as possible

Um it's just sort of funny that Microsoft is like no no you can't you Can't turn that off don't don't touch That leave that alone apparently Warzone Had an existing sort of known issue with This where Same deal where you can go in the menu And turn off cross play but in Microsoft If you do that the second you like queue Up to get in a game it just it's like Hey uh you you got to turn that back on Which is like why is that an option to Turn it off in the first place right Yeah yeah anyway Um I wanted this we've got some old old Data here but I think it's sort of easy To look at Call of Duty as being like This this big huge thing and like Exactly how How big of a deal it is to Sony is kind Of amazing this is data as of 2019 but The best-selling third-party games Um my platform as of 2019 for for Sony Sony Hardware the fourth fifth seventh Eighth ninth and tenth place are all Call of Duty the rest is uh a couple Gtas Red Dead and then Guitar Hero three Legends of Rock versus my mind that's Number two so many people still out There playing Guitar Hero to this day Yeah but I mean you know it's it's we Frequently talk about like you know PlayStations exclusives in the first Party library and all that and it's like

A lot of people just they want to buy Call of Duty you know they want to get In there and shoot some guns and you Know that used to be a thing where you'd Have to go in the store and buy it in November and I don't know it's it's Interesting to see that that whole thing Kind of shift yeah Anyway Um yeah let us let us know in the Comments what you all make of this what Is who how many of our listeners play Call of Duty like I feel like it's it's Very much like a I always like imagine Call of Duty as more of like an Xbox Type of like genre you know like the PlayStation controller isn't my ideal Controller to play a first person Shooter like the Xbox controller I think Is great for first person shooters I Mean that's just you like the you like The displaced thumb sticks yeah I think It works really well for me I think Maybe because my first real like FPS was Halo okay like I think maybe that kind Of got ingrained into me and I'm like When I want to play a FPS on a console I Usually gravitate towards Xbox yeah I I've never even owned an Xbox like we Were talking earlier about like what Would make people jump ship would this Make people jump ship to Xbox and go on Game Pass uh I don't know like I the Barrier to entry is so much lower uh to

Just Subscribe to a small Thief to Game Pass And like get a cheaper Xbox maybe and Then just like always have that on in The background it's like this Best of Both Worlds of like war zone being free To play you can kind of just jump on uh And then now you're just paying a little Bit now you can just jump on to like any Game on Game Pass especially if it's Call of Duty gonna come out in like 2024 Right he said I don't know I I like it I like that there's this this Non-traditional approach to like how you Sell games nowadays like before it's Like Whereas like free to play was like Crappy mobile games yeah maple story or Whatever like there wasn't really and we All played that for countless hours yeah And so much of it was like like it's pay To win too right and like that's the Thing I hated about like these free to Play games but like you know these new Free-to-play models are you know if I I Was playing Apex for like three years And I never paid a cent to them you're Gonna love that and like I never felt Like I was missing out on like being Better at the game because I never paid Them money and like this new model I Love it Um and so if they're gonna just keep Doing with this and like kind of messing

With the traditional way of selling Games like okay here's a new game it's 60 70 it's or you can just pay a little Bit of money every month like kind of Like pay it off essentially it's the new Layaway yeah it's great I'm I'm super Into it well I would be whenever the Next Call of Duty comes out I'm sure it Will still do just fine I'm not worried About it I would never or be worried for Call of Duty I would be curious Partially if if it tops Modern Warfare 2 Just also because Modern Warfare 2 is Gonna have such a long tail on it Because there is going to be that much Of a wait until it you know you're gonna Have late adopters that are gonna be Picking it up down the road yeah there's Gonna be this is gonna be you know and There'll be sales on it as time Progresses and they're just gonna Constantly find new audiences so I Honestly hope that Call of Duty kind of Follows that and just kind of sticks to A two-year like cycle instead of doing This yearly cycle that they've been Stuck in for the last decade because You just need I don't I don't know I Don't feel like we need a new Call of Duty every single year I feel like they Can do just as well by adding new maps Adding new content whatever that means Guns you know operators whatever modes Godzilla Godzilla's King Kong you know

What you know what data we also we also Don't need I don't think we need a new FIFA every single year but we're gonna Get it I agree you know what I mean Out there There's a lot of games that do not need Annual releases yes yeah I mean it's We're we're sort of seeing that with Assassin's Creed apparently like there's Going to be Assassin's Creed Infinity Which is this whole games as a service Model and it's man yeah I wonder what That's gonna be like it's such a Different product than buying a game and Popping it and playing a game for until You beat it you know it's not a thing You beat it's like it's gonna be weird Basically yeah for us too when we're Like voting on Game of the Year or Whatever it's like yeah maybe this game That has been around for you know five Years but suddenly this year their Season was phenomenal and like well now I have this game of the year we're gonna Have to add a new category for that like We have to figure out what the Categories I mean fortnite didn't get Any games of the year that I'm aware of Like right kind of kept growing and Evolving and it was consistently one of The biggest games around but it's just Kind of funny because it never had that Like I mean it did have that release but It no one cared until it dropped


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