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Walt Disney’s current CEO, Bob Chapek, is out at the house of mouse, with Bob Iger returning as his replacement. Chapek’s decisions as CEO clearly didn’t sit well with the board, so they did what they felt would be best for the company by bringing back Bob Iger. In other news, Thor Love and Thunder’s Chris Hemsworth is planning to take a break from acting after learning he’s at risk of developing a form of dementia. In a recent episode of Limitless, the actor learned that his genetic makeup could lead to him developing Alzheimer’s disease, which is a form of dementia that causes memory loss and confusion. And finally, on an extremely tragic note, Power Rangers star Jason David Frank has died at the age of 49.

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Hey what's going on everybody Akeem here And in today's fix of entertainment news Disney trades out one Bob for another Bob with Bob Iger returning as CEO Chris Hemsworth is stepping away from acting And Mighty Morphin Power Rangers fans Are mourning the untimely passing of one Of the stars of the original show let's Get into it Now Walt Disney's current CEO Bob Chappick is out at the house of mouse With Bob Iger returning as his new Replacement not the wild switch up was Revealed over the weekend during a board Of directors meeting effective Immediately What's crazy about this is Iger left the Role not too long ago back in 2020 now His new contract will see him serve as CEO for the next two years and it seems Chappick was only good for Disney during The pandemic with the chairman of the Board saying quote we thank Bob chappick For his service to Disney over his long Career including navigating the company Through the unprecedented challenges of The pandemic That they went on to say how Bob Iger is In a situation that'll probably guide The company through its current and Pivotal period now all this news comes Days after traffic issued a few Cost-cutting measures that included Hiring freezes and layoffs and Disney's

Quarterly earnings weren't looking too Hot with its streaming service suffering A near 1.5 million dollar loss in that Division So traffic's decisions as CEO clearly Didn't sit well with the board so they Did what you know they felt would be Best for the company by bringing back Eiger now he had a long tenure Previously as CEO serving from 2005 to 2020 so you know what maybe he's the man For the job now let us know your Thoughts down below now in other news Thor 11 Thunders Chris Hemsworth is Planning to take a break from acting After learning he's at risk of Developing a form of dementia In a recent episode of Limitless the Actor learned that his genetic makeup Could lead to him developing Alzheimer's Disease which is a form of dementia that Causes memory loss and confusion now Speaking further to Vanity Fair about it He said quote it really triggered Something in me to want to take some Time off and since we finished the show I've been completing the things I was Already contracted to do now when I Finish this tour this week I'm going Home and I'm going to have a good chunk Of time off and just simplify be with The kids be with my wife And so he should look no one here or any Of his fans out there can blame him and

We appreciate all of your contributions In the entertainment industry throughout The years and finally on an extremely Tragic Note Power Rangers star Jason David Frank has died Now the actor who played fan favorite Character Tommy Oliver aka the Green Ranger White Ranger two different red Rangers and the black Dino Thunder Ranger was only 49. now TMZ reports the Cause of death was suicide now his Impact through his iconic role lives on In the hearts of his fans his friends And his family I personally had the privilege of Interviewing Jason David Franks several Years ago and he lived up to the Superhero we all grew up with And and there's you know been an Outpouring of similar experiences shared By fans fans out there uh that have seen Him at conventions but what are some of Your favorite memories of Jason David Frank on or off screen Share your thoughts in the comment Section down below but you know more Importantly if you or anyone you know is Suffering from Suicidal Thoughts you can Call the crisis Lifeline at 988. the Holidays can be a rough time of the year For a lot of people so look out for each Other And that was your entertainment fix for Today I'm akimla Watson and thank you

All so much for watching now that you're Caught up on today's news please check Out our previous episode download the IGN app on all your devices if Everything else stick with IGN Congratulations Tommy you are now the Leader of the Power Rangers oh man it's Good to be back

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