Blood Bowl 3 – Official New Season System Trailer

Join members of the development team for a deep dive into Blood Bowl 3’s new Season System, featuring a new season every 3 months, with a new faction added in Season 1 and a new Blood pass with 50 reward tiers. The team also gives a look at the competitive season and more coming to the turn-based strategy sports game.

Blood Bowl3 will be available on PC through the Epic Games Store and Steam, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on February 23, 2022.

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[Music] Hi everyone 3 will be releasing on February 23 2023 And you can play it on PC PS5 PS4 Xbox Series X and S and Xbox One a Nintendo Switch version will also be coming at a Later date after years of development And many discussions with you via beta And pre-test the team can't wait to Watch you play your first matches Proper Suite is the most ambitious game In the series and its release is just The start of the adventure One of our goal is for you to play Bloodball 3 for many years to come That's why after the games releases a Dedicated team will continue to work on The game to improve its stability and Fix any technical issues that may arise This team will also create new content Add new factions Cosmetics items and Features and support the competitive Aspect of the game We were willing to delay the game's Release to meet our quality expectations And these high standards will continue To guide our vision after launch We wanted to improve why you think that Many of the community had feedback on With blue ball 2 including her new Faction were acquired after launch in Football 3 it will all be based on a Season system There will be a new season every three

Months coming with a major update that Will add a world variety of content and Features as well as introducing a new Faction which will be added to the 12 Rot present at launch on a new blue pass The blue paths consists of 50 reward Chairs that you move up through as you Play matches At certain tiers you unlock three Rewards you can also choose the paid Version of the blue pass to instantly Acquire the new faction and gain access To lots of additional rewards that can Be unlocked at each chip We wanted to implement A system that is More rewarding for you than the DLC System was in buildable 2. that's why Blue Ball 3 will be cheaper than Global 2 in its release On the blue paths we'll have lots of Content with a variety of rewards to Customize your teams and players we also Wanted to allow everyone to enjoy the New faction even without upgrading your Blood pass to the paid version you can Still acquire the new faction for free By reaching the last year during the Current season as you already understood With blood Ball 3 we wanted to return to The board games Roots by putting an Emphasis on customization as well as the Blood pass there will be many ways to Acquire additional items by completing Achievements reaching different levels

And using warp Stone the in-game virtual Currency you can earn warp stone at the Free reward and you can also buy it Directly this currency can be spent in The in-game shop which offers more Advanced customization items and options Please note that customization is Optional and purely Cosmetics your Blackhawks will not hit harder and your Catchers will not run faster Customization does not account for any Advantage on the field except having the Most stylish team perhaps More than ever we want to put the Emphasis on multiplayer every season Will have a competitive component with An official ladder added this ladder Will be in version 1.0 at launch on a More comprehensive system will be Implemented in the following Seasons you Can therefore enjoy Run games against Other players of the same level Climb the ladder and unlock exclusive Rewards the more competitive among you Can also satisfy your hunger for Glory By taking Parts in occasional Tournaments although we wanted to offer An official ladder this doesn't mean That we are forgetting the many blood Bowl communities that continue to Compete against each other in previous Games The league system will be there at Launch and various tools are also being

Developed to help organize competitions To sum up blue ball 3 will use the Season system the start of a new season Will be accompiled by a major update Including a new faction that can be Unlocked for free during the season or Instantly acquired with the paid version Of a blue pass but in new season will Also come with new features new content On the launch of a new competitive Season we are thrilled to be bringing You such extensive customers content and Can't wait to tell you more about the Details of season 1 and how the official Ladder works see you on the pitch on February 23 2023 [Applause]

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