Blacktail – Official Gameplay Overview Trailer

Watch the latest trailer for surreal first-person action adventure game, Blacktail. Set in a dark fairy tale world, you play as Yaga, a young girl accused of witchcraft. When living memories of your past return as spirits, you must hunt them down and unravel the mystery.

Head into the woods in this new gameplay overview trailer, which introduces us to Yaga’s story and shows off some new gameplay featuring combat, crafting, and more. Defend yourself with your bow, cast spells, and gather materials to craft various potions and arrows.

Blacktail will be released on December 15, 2022 on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S.

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This is where Legends Begin Deep in the woods every choice matters And when living memories of your past Return is foul spirit it's up to you to Track them down and unravel your own Mystery welcome to Blacktail A one-of-a-kind blend of intense archery Combat magic and dark storytelling set In a vibrant fairy tale World inspired By Slavic myths discover yaga's story And guide her to become either the Fearsome guardian of the forest or the Dark legend that haunts children's Nightmares Folks say you've always been different Trusted A freak Child found in the woods who may be Cursed with a face that's best kept Hidden behind a wooden mask Your beloved sister Zora was the only One ever to care for you protecting you From the others Until the day she mysteriously went Missing leaving you alone against the Angry mob And there you are Guided by an ominous Voice sitting in the back of your head Away and a journey to find your sister And uncover the truth in a beautiful yet Unforgiving world You may be alone but you're not Defenseless Explore and gather materials in the wild

To craft deadly Arrow types and a Variety of potions that enhance your Skills Combine it with dashing using elements Of the environment to your advantage and Hexes to unleash your true potential Against ominous creatures and thrilling Boss fights As you roam this surreal world You'll also find Secrets forgotten Memories lost recipes and of course many Bizarre and talkative creatures to Interact with show me the way to the Human settlement it's up to you to Choose to help them or not there will be No alliance between us but remember your Choices truly matter in Blacktail and Significantly impact both the world and Your gameplay experience It's up to you to bring either Mayhem or Tranquility to these morally ambiguous Lands So will you be the good or the evil Witch Where there is light There must be shadow The Dark of the night the brighter the Stars yaga's fate rests in your hands Starting December 15th when Blacktail Releases on PC PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series Foreign

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