Black Panther: Wakanda Forever – Official Namor Behind the Scenes Clip (2022) Tenoch Huerta

My ancestor would often say Only the most broken people can be great Leaders Introducing name one was really an Opportunity to introduce another Sovereign ruler of a group of people he Shows up representing talocon he's Coming for the surface World in Marvel Publishing Neymar was one of the first Superheroes frankly they called him The feather serpent God Neymar loves These people and he's gonna protect them Because to be a ruler you have to serve The people that's a deep meaning for me Is part of my personal Heritage as a Mexican as the inhabitant of mesoamerica Finally I could find a more powerful Representation of my culture with Dignity and respect I cannot wait for Everyone to see talukan I'm excited About how we're gonna see the world come Alive Both nations want the same thing which Is to preserve and to protect their People but they're willing to go about It different ways I need I need to know Before An enemy Neymar is very much concern With what he needs and what he wants This delicate dance between the two of Them I get chills just thinking about it Call me no more

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