Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and Tragedy in the MCU | The Story So Far

The Black Panther returns! With Black Panther 2, we’ll be seeing a change for the entire franchise going forward officially from Black Panther: Wakanda Forever from Marvel. We mourn the tragic passing of actor Chadwick Boseman, who lit up every Black Panther scene he was in. Without Chadwick Boseman, Black Panther as a whole has a huge problem the Black Panther sequel will have no choice but to try and resolve.

Before we all watch Wakanda Forever, let’s go back in Marvel Studios history, to Michael B Jordan as Killmonger, to all the parts of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that took us on T’Challa’s journey, including Director Ryan Coogler’s iconic entry. To see what is next, first we visit the story so far. Shuri will play an important role moving forward, past Princess Shuri, Black Panther as a legacy must push on.

With the world asking, “Who is Black Panther now?” we look to characters like M’Baku, Nakia, and Shuri. Black Panther suit examination became the internet’s new hobby as we figure out who will follow Chadwick Boseman’s footsteps, with many looking toward Shuri. Black Panther 2 looks like it will be very moving, with images of a weeping Ramonda and Shuri. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever marks an important point for the MCU, with many of the Marvel Comics no longer a story option, but many new options opening for the new Black Panther.   The legacy and importance can’t be overstated for the Black Panther. Shuri has played an important role as technologist and advisor, but now her role may be changing well past the end of Avengers Endgame. Who can lead Wakanda? Is the right person Letitia Wright’s Shuri? Have we seen the end of Killmonger?

And will the comic story come true, where Shuri becomes the Black Panther? Black Panther, Marvel, and the entire team have a major task, says this girl. Black Panther looms heavy, and the path they take sees to be honoring T’Challa and Boseman, separate from the original Marvel comics, explained simply. Whether we have a female Black Panther, or Michael B Jordan, or any other familiar figure donning the suit, “who is the new Black Panther?” isn’t a question with an easy answer. Let’s see how we got to where we are now, regardless of who is Black Panther in Wakanda Forever, and examine who T’Challa is, who Nakia, Okoye, Shuri, and M’Baku are, and what it means to be the Black Panther.

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The most broken people can be great Leaders show them Who We Are How do you continue the legacy of the Black Panther after the tragic real World death of t'challa actor Chadwick Boseman that's the task director Ryan Coogler has tackled with black panther Wakanda forever no matter how the film Addresses the unexpected it will Redefine the Black Panther story as we Know it t'challa once said himself did It's not the end It's Marvel Stepping off a point and that remains a Heavy theme for black panther so before You watch wakanda forever let's revisit The story so far T'challa's first on-screen appearance Representing wakanda with King t'chaka At the UN assembly to ratify the sokovia Accords t'chaka is killed in an Explosion and t'challa Val's revenge Against the Winter Soldier who everyone Thinks is responsible he chases Bucky Down in the streets as black panther but Gets arrested with him Captain America And Falcon for extracurricular Superheroing that the sokovia Accords Just made illegal he later fights on Team Iron Man at the airport Avengers Showdown hoping to take a shot at Bucky T'challa eventually figures out that Revenge obsessed Baron Zemo is

Responsible for t'chata's death and Decides not only to not kill him but Stops emo from killing himself The credits reveal that t'challa let Bucky remain in Deep Freeze in wakanda As scientists there search for a way to Reverse his whole Winter Soldier Brainwashing situation Topping many best of the MCU lists black Panther pulled the veil back on wakanda The Black Panther's Duty and Legacy we Also get to meet the other important Characters in the Black Panther story Ramonda Nakia Okoye umbaku killmonger And t'challa's Stark level technological Genius younger sister princess shuri Shuri is the head of the wakandan Design Group and is the main engineer behind The incredible vibranium Technologies Wakanda produces such as the maglev Train vibranium weapons and the panther Suits wakanda was always just pretending To be a poor and undeveloped country it Is probably the richest nation in the World with massive Tech advancements Fueled by stores of vibranium the Nation's tribes United under the Black Panther a line of Kings who consume the Heart-shaped herb and protect the people Wakanda has always been a closed Civilization and Nokia thinks it's time To change that while t'challa has his Doubts after a Victorious round of Ceremonial hand-to-hand combat against

Challenger umbaku t'challa consumes the Herb and goes into a deep sleep where His Consciousness travels to the Ancestral plane to meet his father and The spirits of the Kings before him Meanwhile Eric Stevens AKA killmonger a Ruthless ex-naby seal assassin with an Extremely high kill count steals a Vibranium artifact from a museum with His associate Ulysses claw who'd been Obsessed with finding vibranium for Years in the guise of the Black Panther T'challa intercedes stopping claw with Assists from shuri Okoye and Nakia and After a Chase t'challa turns claw over To Everett Ross of the CIA soon though Claw is rescued and t'challa notices a Man with a wakandan royal ring t'challa Realizes his father's disgraced brother In jobu only wanted to share vibranium And wakandan Technology with people of African descent around the world to help Them but tachaka disagreed and killed Him in a fight his orphaned half American son t'challa's cousin is Actually Eric killmonger Eric shows up Outside wakanda revealing his identity Demanding to challenge t'challa for the Wakandan throne he wins and seemingly Kills t'challa by throwing him off a Waterfall ingests the heart-shaped herb And demands the rest be destroyed he Orders high-tech wakandan weapons to be Sent all over the world to destabilize

Other nations shuri Nakia and Rwanda Flee asking the Jabari tribe the one Tribe that did not join the rest of Wakanda under the king for help their Leader umbaku reveals they found T'challa and are taking care of him Because he spared in baka's life earlier They feed the last heart-shaped herb Nokia managed to sneak away to t'challa And he again returns to the ancestral Plain where t'chata tells him to join Him they discuss the idea of wakandan Isolation versus opening to the rest of The world and t'challa says he will not Stay there because he has to stop Killmonger the monster his father's Ideas inadvertently created t'challa Returns to Consciousness and works with His family and friends to stop Killmonger's forces with Chala and Killmonger fighting one-on-one as black Panthers t'challa wins the fight and Offers Mercy but killmonger chooses to Die a free man finally t'challa shifts Course for wakanda as king he opens a Wakandan Embassy in Oakland California Near where his father killed his uncle He appears at the UN officially opening His country and ending wakanda in Isolation The black order working on behalf of Thanos attacks cities on Earth in order To obtain all the Infinity Stones for His plan The Avengers traveled to

Wakanda and appeal to t'challa for help Extracting the Mind Stone from Vision Which he agrees to he tasks Sherry with The extraction which will be extremely Difficult due to the construction of Vision's body even with her skill shuri Needs her brother and all the Warriors To buy her as much time as possible if She's able to extract the stone without Killing him t'challa gives Bucky a new Arm and reunites with Steve Rogers who Is leading the Avengers forces he tells T'challa this the Battle of wakanda will Be massive with all their combined Forces working together against Everything Thanos has got as the attack Starts t'challa orders a part of the Shield around wakanda lowered to funnel The Invaders into one area and he and Steve Rogers run out in front leaping Into battle first he works with the Collective hero forces to fight by shuri Envisioned time but they have to fall Back due to Thanos thresher destroying Everything in their path despite a big Bolster from Thor's arrival gathered With the Avengers Thanos teleports to Earth and t'challa is knocked out as Thanos fights them with the nearly Complete Infinity Gauntlet Wanda Maximoff who was guarding shuri while She worked on Vision has to join the Battlefield when things get rough in her Absence corvus glaive of the black order

Shows up and despite a fight manages to Incapacitate cherry and Dora melange Warrior AO the last layer of protection For vision Thanos retrieves the Mind Stone from Vision despite Scarlet Witch's best efforts and he snaps his Fingers turning half of all life in the Universe into dust including King T'challa in front of a horrified Okoye Unfortunately shuri is also turned into Dust along with a considerable portion Of the wakandan armies while the Remaining heroes are left to try and fix What was done This movie features probably the most Triumphant heartening moment of all the Marvel movies The Battle of Earth Becomes the ultimate deciding point for The fate of the universe against Thanos The Avengers having settled on a Time Heist to gain back the Infinity Stones Battle an alternate Thanos at the Destroyed remains of the Avengers Compound Thanos is able to incapacitate Thor Iron Man and even battle down a Worthy Steve Rogers Thanos summons the Full strength of his forces the black Order chataris outriders leviathans and More into a massive stand against the Heroes everyone is exhausted hurt and Beaten down Captain America Rises to Stand when he gets a call from Falcon Who should be blipped out of existence Then several portals are opened by

Masters of the Mystic Arts all including Allies Hulk was able to pull them back Into existence when he had The Infinity Gauntlet t'challa walks out of a portal With shuri and Okoye by his sights ahead Of more wakandan forces meeting a Visibly relieved Captain Rogers The Black Panther rallies his armies and Once again leads the charge with Rogers And fights to regain control of the Gauntlet the battle has ended when Tony Stark gets the gauntlet and wipes out Thanos's side at the cost of his own Life t'challa shuri and elkoye attend His funeral and t'challa resumes his Role as king watching with his family From the wakandan palace as people of The Golden City celebrate the return of All who were lost T'challa never became the Black Panther In the alternate continuity of what if But exists and shines as a hero Nonetheless abducted from wakanda at a Young age this version of t'challa Becomes a ravager and ultimately Star-Lord instead of Peter Quill he is Inarguably a much much better Star-Lord Than quill as he becomes adored Across The Universe for his good deeds and Helping the less fortunate while Reforming the ravagers themselves to Help others instead of stealing for Their own personal gain he even Persuades Thanos to give up his plans

For killing half the universe and join Him doing good and even saves drax's Planet and therefore his family he is Ultimately chosen by The Watcher as a Guardian of the Multiverse tasked with Stopping the universe hopping Ultra-powered Infinity Ultron where he Saves the Multiverse with other Specially selected Heroes against a Version of killmonger once again while Not in the continuity of the mainline MCU Star-Lord t'challa shows the Characters unalienable goodness Leadership and overall effectiveness Away from the trappings of being a Wealthy Prince at the top of a Technologically advanced civilization However at the end of his what if Episode t'challa does choose to return To wakanda in another what-if story when Killmonger saves Tony Stark t'challa as Black panther is killed by killmonger With a Sonic taser in a botched Vibranium deal between claw and James Rhodes on Stark's behalf killmonger Steals the panther Claws and the Vibranium and kills and Frames roads for It then kills Stark and seizes Stark Industries killmonger like in the Original black panther approaches the Wakandan border with claw's body as Proof of wakandan loyalty and reveals Himself as in jobu's son tichaka who is King of wakanda in this timeline accepts

Killmonger while a younger shuri and Remonda are skeptical of his plan to Fight off invading Americans who think Wakanda is responsible for Stark's Murder shuri argues against killmonger's Plan but gen General raimonda grieving T'challa eventually accepts killmonger Double crosses or is it triple crosses Quadruple crosses wakanda and the U.S Military and gets t'chaka to make him The next Black Panther when he enters The ancestral realm t'challa confronts Him saying the stolen power will get the Best of him one way or another meanwhile Shuri the only one who figured out the Truth of killmonger makes her way to Stark Tower she tells Pepper Potts her Intel about how he was responsible for Both t'challa and Tony's deaths and they Agree to work together to stop him he Heroes are never really gone They live forever As do the ones they Inspire to carry on The fight And this takes us to Black Panther Wakanda forever as you undoubtedly know The real world our world mourned actor Chadwick boseman's untimely and tragic Passing in August of 2020. no one Expected this nor really knew what that Could mean for black panther who is a Linchpin type character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe past the fourth wall There is no questioning the cultural

Significance of t'challa and Black Panther in terms of representation but Without Chadwick Boseman how would Black Panther's sequel move forward without Its star should it should the character Be recast this was and is a massive Debate among fans amidst the grief for Chadwick Boseman what is happening Though is that as the world Mourns Bozeman the movie characters will mourn T'challa who has passed away in the Narrative according to trailer footage They aren't ignoring ring or recasting T'challa is canonically gone this is Undoubtedly upsetting but it certainly Seems that grief and the aftermath are Going to be Central themes in Black Panther wakanda forever no do-over no Quote comic book death this one is Sticking which can be a truly scary Thing in a fictional world that is often Light and Dodges moments of grave sad Truth it's a risky heavy choice but how This movie handles t'challa's death Could ultimately provide some catharsis And hopefulness and just maybe some real Depth this is a turning point that has The potential to redefine the Black Panther character and alter the course Of the MCU forever it's up to who's left Behind and feeling the grief to pick up And push on the fact that there is no Reset option being used here that what Actually happened bled into fiction and

Everyone has to deal with it side steps Away from the often magical and Hyperbolic MCU world into to reality we Sometimes lose the ones we love The ones who are really important who we Can't replace and there's no way around It someone has to pick up and keep on Moving in their own way Marvel has an Unprecedented opportunity here and it Will be extremely interesting to see how They play it who shifts and how but we Do know this the Black Panther Characters who remain shuri umbaku Okoye Nakia and vermanda will have a lot to Deal with and a lot to try and pick up And carry forward we will also see the Introduction of new characters including Two Heavy Hitters in the Marvel Comics World Dominic Thorne as Riri Williams AKA ironheart and Teno chuerta as Neymar The Submariner whatever happens the Arrival of these two show that things Will move forward even through Difficulty and pain and will ultimately Mean big things from Marvel in the time To come I'm Kim horcher thanks for Watching and for more black panther Check out this deep dive on Namor the Submariner get it deep dive ah okay I'm Sorry just don't forget to follow And Subscribe to IGN wherever you like to Watch I know what you whisper

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