Black Adam vs. Superman: Who Would Win?

Black Adam is about to face-punch his way onto the big screen but everybody knows by now that Dwayne Johnson spoiled that Superman is supposed to make an appearance, suggesting that his Black Adam and Henry Cavil’s Superman will face off one day. So how would that go? If it’s Black Adam vs. Superman, who would win? Join IGN host Kim Horcher as she breaks it down.

Black Adam is here and the hype goes beyond any Black Adam Trailer! Dwayne Johnson brings the DC Comics Shazam anti-hero to life in a new era for DC. The Rock is hyping Black Adam, saying he’s gonna change how you view the characters after you watch. Superman seems to play a major part in this neck of the DC Extended Universe too! Ostensibly the Justice Society of America is the starting point for Black Adam, trailer (2022) footage reveals, as Warner Bros digs into another part of the comics catalog. The Rock is joined by big names- Pierce Brosnan as Doctor Fate and maybe, MAYBE we’ll see Henry Cavill in Black Adam! Is Black Adam vs Superman going to be a thing? Is Superman more powerful? Or Black Adam? Story beats seem to be going that way, as Kim Horcher explains. In this edition of Canon Fodder on IGN we’ll get certain parts of this idea about Black Adam explained, who would and should win Superman vs Black Adam, and more of the hype around the Black Adam movie. Is Black Adam vs Superman DCEU future-game? Are Black Adam and Superman more of a match that you’d think? We’ve got your answer and even the time Superman vs Shazam happened in comic book history!


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