BearDaBeast Teaches Cheez How to Ball in NBA 2K23

After narrowly squeaking out a victory against comedian Ron Runches in Forza Horizon 5, Cheez-It’s very own Cheez is back and ready to train for another challenger. Cheez needs to get good fast at NBA 2K23 for a 2V2 blacktop game against Thee Try Guys’ Keith Habersberger. To aid him on his quest to victory, Cheez enlisted the help of BearDaBeast for all the tips and tricks needed to own the court.

If Cheez beats Keith Habersberger lucky viewers will have a chance to win Forza Horizon 5, NBA 2K23, Game Pass subscriptions, Xbox Gift Cards, a Custom Xbox Series X, Custom Xbox Controller, and all sorts of Cheez-It apparel. To enter, visit:
Presented by Cheez-It.
NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Open to legal residents of the 50 US & DC, 18+ yrs of age. Ends 12/22/22. Void where prohibited. Official Rules:

Now some say Rome wasn't built in a day I say prove it because last week we here At IGN pulled off the impossible and Made a champion out of the unlikeliest Of Gamers this is cheese gets good Presented by Cheez-It all right now last Week cheese its very own a cheese Somehow managed to beat Ron funches in a Nail-biting race of Forza Horizon 5. Cheese wins congratulations geez Thanks Akeem and I did it all by myself I definitely didn't have the help of any Outside gamer like Jack ultramotive Playing for me in a hidden corner of the IGN Studio that'd be crazy so uh what Are we doing back here today Jesus here For the dubs Part D get it it's French No this time I'm prepared to dunk on None other than Keith applesberger in NBA 2k 23. he can try guy but he'll fail And when I beat him everyone at home Will get a chance to win all sorts of Fabulous prizes including a custom Xbox Series X which I've affectionately Dubbed the Xbox series cheese I know I Know I know no so how do people watching At home win not so fast there's one Thing we need to do before I reveal how Everyone at home can sign up for the Aforementioned giveaway what's that how Do I get good at NBA 2K 23. all right Calm down it's scaring me okay here to Help is NBA 2K League champion bear the Beast what's up with you okay not much

Bear do you have any tips for cheese That don't involve you playing for him Pretty please geez now you know I got You here are some tips to help you and Everyone at home win You pick the players for the match you Are shown the overall attribute level But going by this number alone may leave You at a disadvantage as this number Doesn't account for a player's height Are you listening to cheese oh tall Players like me have an easier time Catching rebounds intercepted passes and Defending from other players while Shorter players like you can be more Agile and generally a bit better at Shooting try changing your team Composition if you're struggling with a Certain aspect of the game and match Your opponent's height and attribute Levels to yours if you want to even out The playing field there's so many Options what should I do Size Matters Taller players are normally stronger and Shorter players are faster got it what Else you got when the opposing team has Possession of the ball the fastest way To switch control between your players Is to press xr8 press an R1 RB followed By another button is a decent way to Manage a larger team but it has an Unnecessary step in two so when you're Playing 2v2 don't do that with the one Button method you can now play a more

Active role when defending as you can Multitask and take control of both of Your players in order to keep the Opposing team at Bay one button sounds Like my kind of game these tips should Help you out to beat Keith in the 2v2 Thanks coach promise to do my best and Remember your pointers oh one more Question what's up talk to me do you Know how to dial into someone's gaming PC remotely and play for them without Anyone knowing because I have no idea What I'm doing and yeah I just need I Want to keep winning depends on how much You're trying to pay that's that's all The time we have for cheese gets good But make sure to check out cheese Sports Champion of cheese later this week to See if cheese can best keep habisberger In NBA 2k 23 on his own all right and Don't forget to sign up for the giveaway At or in the Description down below if cheese wins so You'll have a chance to win the grand Prize a custom Xbox series cheese now Keep it locked right here on IGN and We'll see you in the next episode [Music] Thank you Foreign [Music]

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