Battlefield 2042 – Official Development Update Trailer

Join members of the development team for a peek at what’s coming to Battlefield 2042 in Season 3 and beyond of the first-person shooter game. The upcoming Update 3.2 will feature the return of the Class system as the team reworks the game’s Specialist system. Season 3 will also bring new vault weapons and reworks of the Manifest and Breakaway maps. Check out the video for details, including the reveal that Battlefield 2042 will have free access periods in December for players on each platform.

Let's have it in Hi I'm Alexia Christopher from the Battlefield 2042 development team We hope you've enjoyed season 2 Master Of Arms as it draws to a close that Marks one year of Battlefield 2042. in That time we've heard you Your feedback has been instrumental in How we've been able to evolve and Improve the game so thank you we're Really proud of the work so far and so Any players that haven't jumped in yet You're going to be able to do so for Free in December there will be free Access periods to Battlefield 2042 Across all platforms whilst with the Launch of season 3 Battlefield 2042 will Be available for Xbox game pass ultimate And EA play subscribers Today we'll be giving you a further Glimpse at what's to come in Seasons Three and four but that's not where the Battlefield 2042 journey is going to end We're already in pre-production on new Content that will come after season four Next year But now on to season three we'll be Revealing it fully later this month but In today's development update we'll talk To you more about our areas of focus and What to expect from them starting with Core gameplay and the return of the Classic and familiar Battlefield class System that will arrive later in season

Three as part of our 3.2 update Since we confirm this we've seen Thousands of comments from you all we've Collated and reviewed them as a team to Help validate our plan and we've held Extensive internal play tests along with Bringing you members of our community to Discuss test and play with these rework Changes in place so in our initial Release you'll see the move back to the Class structure with needed balancing Work as well as the first set of design Changes each class will receive class Equipment and class Gadget of choice Weapon proficiencies will become Available and provide gameplay benefits For each class for example Recons will Be better at holding their breath whilst Aiming down sights with sniper rifles Irish moves to support while Crawford Moves to engineering Irish will take Crawford's current trade and so Crawford Will receive a new trait geared towards Engineer gameplay We want Rao to fit better within the Recon class so to achieve this reporting For Duty we're improving communication Between Rao and Squad mates to highlight When targets are vulnerable This work will continue through season Four with more design changes to other Specialists balancing changes as well as New content arriving to fill class Gadget choices

Continuing in season 3 will be the Addition of more Vault weapons a wide Collection of portal Weaponry unlocked Through assignments At the start of season three you'll be Able to fight with the xm8 from Bad Company 2. a German assault rifle hugely Effective at both medium and long range There will also be the a91 from Battlefield 3 with its high rate of fire And a little bit of unpredictability More Vault weapons will then continue to Be added throughout season 3 and 4. In seasons 3 and 4 we'll continue to Bring evolved versions of our existing Maps from launch You're already playing these reworked Versions of Kaleidoscope renewal and Orbital and in season 3 you'll get to Play on new versions of manifest and Breakaway let's take a look at how They're shaping up Manifest will be the first map update You'll receive during season three it Brings the flags closer together helping To address the feedback that we've had From players and improve the flow across The map Bringing the HQ Flags closer to the Action getting you in the mix and on the Objective much sooner Cover has been updated across the map Continuing our efforts to bring an Updated war-torn feeling and giving you

The ability to move securely around the Point Up on the hill we've reworked the number Of structures destroying the radar Station and giving you a central point Of focus when attacking or defending This objective Meanwhile down at the Docks we've Reduced the number of cranes to help Create more focus and to increase the Value of holding The High Ground With improvements made across the level To our lighting and visibility New Paths To Traverse between flags and a brand New Rush layout look forward to Manifests update when it drops in update 3.1 Then later in season three we return With our biggest overhaul yet Breakaway has been reworked to see one Of our favorite play spaces relocated to A new location Oil rig now sits much closer to the Action at the foot of our enormous Glacier with new ways to assault the rig And New Paths on board the deck we've Ensured that one of our best features Sees a lot more action Down in the tail we've arranged the Flags to create better objectives Bringing new cover destroyed vehicles And cleaner navigation to keep the Action flowing And over on the glacier we've simplified

The area to help keep things moving Introducing all New Paths through the Space and two new Flags including this Downed Condor inside an ice cave With new ice and snow shaders this is a Huge overhaul for Breakaway and you'll Deploy here later in season three The reveal of season 3 is in the corner With a new specialist new battle pass And more importall as well as new Hardware Tech events experiences and More There will also be a new smaller tighter Infantry Focus map in a location New for The battlefield franchise and one close To our hearts here at dice vise And that's it for me today In addition to everything we've spoken About we will continue our commitment to Ongoing quality of life and performance Improvements in all our updates On behalf of all the teams continuing to Work on Battlefield 2042 we can't wait For you to get your hands on season Three then season four and Beyond and For those of you who haven't jumped in Yet you can play free this December see You on the battlefield

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