Awesome Stuff You Can Do With a Lenovo Laptop!

How many amazing things do you think you can do with a Lenovo Legion Slim 7 Gaming laptop? The answer is a lot. From taking important meetings, to gaming during said meetings, and even creating amazing art! It’s all possible thanks to Lenovo’s latest design, powered by 12th Gen Intel Core processors, and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 series graphics cards, allowing you to power your goals wherever you go.

Presented by Legion by Lenovo.

I would definitely love to Circle back And touch bases with you uh pumpkin Shiggy 87. I'm looking forward to moving The needle in proactively Destroying you now today we're going to Be taking a look at the Lenovo Legion Slim 7 gaming laptop now this laptop Promises to run the latest AAA games While being light enough to travel with But did you know it can also be used as A Sci-Fi base for action figures a Device to fold clothes and I'm going to Show you another thing you didn't know a Gaming laptop could be used for being Productive The legion slim 7i comes packed with up To a powerful 12th gen Intel Core I9 and An Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 now they can Run all your favorite games like chair Simulator crab game Elden ring the long Drive whatever this game is wrestling Empire cyberpunk 2077 and a night at the Gates of hell now unlike those other Gaming laptops the Lenovo Legion 7 Series isn't a big chunky boy with a Bunch of tasteless logos slapped all Over it nah this has a very slim Professional appearance and it's forged With some kind of aluminum with a CNC Metal trim y'all know what it means if You don't what are you doing here leave Turn off the rgbs and this can be used In any school or office and no one will Be the wiser that this is a gaming beast

And with legion's cold front 4.0 Technology the fan system is pretty Quiet which I've found makes it possible To sneak in running a few games while I'm in a meeting like look at this could You guys even tell that I was gaming Now I've been at this coffee shop all Day working on my screenplay completed 16 so far and I got to tell you it Couldn't be any easier switching between Writing and gaming Pair the laptop with a headset and the Coffee shop becomes your Virtual Office Oh yeah yeah I would definitely love to Circle back and touch bases with you uh Pumpkin Shiggy87 uh I'm looking forward to Moving the needle and proactively Destroying you I've gotta wash you just Keep camping you'll see what happens This powerful gaming laptop can handle All kinds of education and productivity Software just watch how fast I can make A spreadsheet Uh So um you know you know what else is Good about this We go into a browser and type in how to Make a spreadsheet Huh Truly a Marvel Marvel amongst Machinery Here Now we know the Lenovo Legion 7 Series Can play games and it's quiet and low

Profile enough to fit into the Educational and productive world but in Our next episode we're going to take This little laptop to a professional Music studio and see how it performs Doing some more creative work let's go Now here I go let's go [Music] Y'all can't hear it but I can hear it It's great it's beautiful man

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