Avatar: The Way of Water – Official Behind the Scenes (2022) Zoe Saldaña, Sigourney Weaver

Join Avatar: The Way of Water producer John Landau, Zoe Saldaña (Neytiri), Sigourney Weaver (Kiri), and Sam Worthington (Jake) as they discuss the impact of the first Avatar movie and what’s new in its greatly anticipated sequel. Learn more about The Way of Water’s story and characters in this brief featurette. Directed by James Cameron, Avatar: The Way of Water also stars Kate Winslet and Stephen Lang. It debuts in theaters on December 16, 2022.

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Hi I'm John Landau producer of Avatar in The way of water I'm here today with our cast and we are Back together 13 years later pretty Exciting yeah it is right The first film was a discovery of the Forest a discovery of Pandora on your Banshee outstanding it was unlike Anything any of us had ever seen And now it's the way of water and it's a World all on its own and I felt like I Was rediscovering Pandora all over again One of the things I love about this film Is that you're introduced to the kids And the story of course is about how the Family will change alien that's all they See I see And that's what Jim is very good at he's He's very good at up in the antique he's Very good at well we're going to add Children into this love story we're Going to increase the planet and what we See of it If you think you're going in and seeing A rehash of the first movie it's not It's an extension What does it was heartbeat sound like Mighty Wherever we go This family Is our Fortress

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