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James Cameron’s long-awaited sequel, Avatar: The Way of Water is finally here 13 years after the original Avatar broke world records in 2009. But in case you haven’t watched the film since then, get ready, because we’re going back to Pandora!

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James Cameron's long-awaited sequel Avatar the way of water is finally here 13 years after the original Avatar broke World Records in 2009 but in case you Haven't watched the film since then get Ready because we're going back to Pandora In 2154 we meet our protagonist Jake Sully a paraplegic Marine who takes over His late twin brother Tommy's research Contract on Pandora Tommy's mission was To operate a human Navi hybrid called an Avatar created specifically with his DNA It gets pretty sciencey here so I'll let Jake explain the rest the concept is That every driver he's matched to his Own avatar so that their nervous systems Are in turn which is why they offer me The gig because I can link with Tommy's Avatar the navi Are the native species of Pandora that Are 10 feet tall have naturally Occurring carbon fiber bones and live on A gorgeous gaseous planet uninhabitable To humans so why go there for an Extremely valuable material called Unobtainium yes really that's what it's Called what does it do we don't really Know but it sure is expensive because This little gray rock sells for 20 Million a kilo on Pandora we meet the Major players on this base who want to Use Jake for their own agendas the Always cigarette smoking Dr Grace

Augustine is the creator of the Avatar Program who underestimates Jake's Contribution to the project but becomes An ally when Jake gets deeper into the Navi culture yet that directive to Assimilate comes from bigoted Colonel Korich the head of the base security who Not so secretly recruits Jake to do Recon for him and running the whole Operation is Parker Selfridge an RDA Company man who only cares about the Money Jake takes to his Avatar body like A fish to water spoiler for Avatar the Way of Water by the way and and he set On his different missions Grace is a Botanist who has been using the Avatar Program to collect plant samples and has Discovered signal transduction between The roots of the trees this point will Become very important so pay attention While accidentally stranded for the Night Jake meets natiri spared from her Arrow by the seeds of the Sacred tree That point into his pure Spirit she Instead saves his life and calls him a Himbo along the way you have a strong Heart Stupid when she brings him back to her Tribe her parents slash tribal leaders Decide to keep him and make her teach Him their ways which first includes no Human clothes back on the base everyone Is so impressed with Jake's strides with The omitakaya and are quick to Telegraph

Their plans onto him Selfridge needs Oma Takaya to leave the home tree since Their damn Village happens to be resting On the richest unobtanium deposit within 200 clicks look at all that cheddar Wanting to keep Jake away from the claws Of Courage Grace moves her team to a Mobile link location in the floating Hallelujah mountains here is when Jake Fully immerses himself in the navi Culture learning how to use those hair Tendrils and slowly winning nigeri's Heart with this time away from the Colonel Jake endears himself more to Grace and natiri and starts to doubt his Secret mission as he slowly went to Nateri's heart he also lets the navi way Of life into his Jake is officially Welcomed into the omotakaya and he and Nantiri profess their feelings for each Other however this Bliss is short-lived As Jake finds his Allegiance tested when The RDA suddenly bulldozed parts of the Forest quarries challenges the work Jake And Grace have been doing and Grace Reveals the true immeasurable value of The forest there's some kind of Electrochemical communication between The roots of the trees it's a Global Network and the navi can access it they Can upload and download data memories at Sites like the one you just destroyed Selfridge doesn't buy it and lets Courage clear the navi out with more or

Less Humane ways while also giving Jake And Grace the opportunity to convince The alma Takaya to leave in warning the Omotakaya people that quarriage is Coming to take down the home tree Jake Reveals that he knew that this was Always the plan betraying everyone's Trust after hometry is taken down courts Locks up Jake Grace and their allies as High security risks to the operation They're able to escape but in the rush Grace is fatally wounded alone and Labeled an outcast Jake needs the alma Takaya's help to save Grace but needs to Prove his Worth to them after his Betrayal Jake returns to the alma Takaya On taruk back like the second coming of The previous tarukmato he brought the Clans together in a time of great sorrow He entreats the clan leader to help him Save Grace but when the Spirit Transference fails and Grace joins Ewa Jake gives the most baller rallying Speech for all Navi Clans to team up and Defend their home and their people the Final battle takes place in the Mountains and while the navi come in Strong they face many losses and while It seems like all hope is lost for the Navi AWA provides and answers the call Jake and treated earlier eventually it Boils down to a showdown between courage And Jake it's all over no I kind of hoped you say that quarrych

Wants to teach Jake a lesson and goes to Kill his human form in the mobile lab However natiri saves him again and Courage goes down as human Jake Struggles for air natiri comes through And saves him for the second time in This scene and they see each other so The navi win and they send all the bad Humans off the planet for now we finally See Jake permanently join the navi Leaving his human body behind with the Help of Ewa and therefore Paving the way For more pandora-based stories And that's Avatar in five minutes did I Get everything you should be all caught Up now for Avatar the way of water for More on Avatar make sure to follow And Subscribe wherever you like to watch IGN

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