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Avatar: The Last Airbender animator Giancarlo Volpe posted this tweet where he mentioned how back in 2004, the animation team had to change the name and add “The Last Airbender” to the title because James Cameron had the rights to the Avatar movie. The #Avatar movie has been quite successful for #JamesCameron, and critics are already speaking positively about the upcoming return to Pandora. And finally, The Rock’s Black Adam movie is losing his place in the hierarchy of power at the box office, with the latest DCEU film reportedly standing to lose between $50 and $100 million dollars at the box office.

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Yo what's going on everybody I'm akiman And today's fixer Entertainment News Avatar The Last Airbender has beef with James Cameron's way of water which is Funny because it seems critics are in Love with the latest film and The Rock's Black Adam movie might just lose its Super powers at the box office let's Drop it [Music] Right now we're learning more about James Cameron's Avatar franchise Including an anecdote about how the First film's title Force Nickelodeon to Make a change to one of their very own Shows that I bet you could already guess Which one I'm talking about Avatar The Last Airbender animator Giancarlo Volpe posted this tweet where He mentioned how back in 2004 the Animation team had to change the name And add The Last Airbender to the title Because James Cameron had the rights to The movie and with the sequel to the Film entitled The Way of water I bet the Water tribe is likely shaking in their Boots with John Carlo saying they'll Riot if the third movie is called the Fire bending Masters which obviously it Won't be caught that Anyway James Cameron had been developing Avatar for a long time since 1994 so he Had the rights to produce something with That word for a while

Now regardless both properties are and Have been a hit amongst fans and Resonate with audiences across the globe To this day And it seems Avatar 2 is a hit with the Press as critics are already raving About the way of water The journalists have taken to the Internet with positive reactions Seemingly Blown Away by the depths of James Cameron's latest Masterpiece now I Know I'm using a lot of Flowery verbiage Here and honestly I hate it because I Haven't seen the movie myself and we'll All have to wait and see how we feel About the way of water when Avatar 2 Hits theaters December 16th and finally In less flowery language The Rock's Black Adam movie is losing his place in The hierarchy of power at the box office With the latest dceu film reportedly Standing to lose between 50 and 100 Million dollars at the box office now According to variety this is mostly due To the movie currently generating about 387 million worldwide since release Against a production cost of 195 million A marketing budget ranging from 80 to 100 million and theaters keeping around Half the ticket sales And with all that the movie will Reportedly break even at 600 million Dollars with WB disputing those numbers Now the superhero film did start off

Strong at the box office earning 140 Million globally in its first weekend Now regardless of those numbers we'll Likely see the rock return as Black Adam To take on Superman which I think we're All excited about And that was your entertainment fix for Today I'm Akeem and thank you so much For watching now that you're caught up On today's news please check out our Previous episode download the IGN app on All your devices and for everything else Stick with IGN

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