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In today’s daily fix we cover the exclusive interview we got with the FromSoftware devs about whether Armored Core 6 will be more soulsborne this time around. With the critical and commercial success of Elden Ring, and the continued popularity of soulsborne titles, it woudn’t be surprising if Hidetaka Miyazaki and Co. went that route for the new Armored Core. However, FromSoftware is sticking to that series’ roots and empahsizing aggressive third-person action over the punishing methodical gameplay of Dark Souls and Elden Ring. Phil Spencer is continuing his defense of Microsoft’s pending acquisition of Activision Blizzard, this time commenting on Sony’s continued block of the deal. And we have a new best-selling title of 2022: Modern Warfare 2 has officially outsold Elden Ring in North America.

Happy Monday everyone I hope you had a Fantastic weekend and stayed warm and Cozy I'm Stella Chung here to walk you Through all of the hottest gaming news In today's daily fix we covered the Exclusive interview we got with the from Software devs about whether armored Core 6 will be more souls born this time Around Phil Spencer speaking further on Sony's continued block on the Microsoft Activision Blizzard deal and Modern Warfare 2 becoming the best-selling game Of 2022. we've got a lot to cover so Let's jump right into it If you're watching the game awards you Probably saw that incredibly cool Looking reveal for the mech game armored Core 6. the armored Core days were a bit Before my dive into gaming so seeing That from software was creating a Mech Game was super exciting but I was Curious if this game would have Soulsborne elements to it luckily we Have an exclusive interview with from Software that answered all of our Burning questions when asked if armored Core 6 would be closer to soulsborne Games than the past titles from software President hide taka Miyazaki answered no We've not been making a conscious effort To try and direct it more towards Soulsborne type gameplay first of all Let me just make that clear Miyazaki Went on to say that armored Core 6 will

Be a third person action game with a Focus on customizing your Mecca with the Same Mission based gameplay of its Predecessors in a separate statement Masaru yamamura sakiro's lead designer Also went on to say that boss battles Are the highlight of the game which Should be exciting for us players who Love a good challenge yamamura said Quote there are no elements directly Referring to sakuro but I feel both Titles share the same essence of battle Such as aggressive speed change and Action-oriented fighting when asked if Armored Core would have more missiles For an Essence in terms of heavy combat Mystery exploration and difficulty Miyazaki said I think rather than being Typically soulsborne these are just Things that are typical of from software In general these are things we've always Sort of enjoyed and always priored Ourselves on Miyazaki didn't want to Give away too much information on the Story so we'll just have to wait to get Further details and a future trailer to See how armored Core sticks will play And feel but I am so excited for this Just put me in hibernation mode till it Launches Xbox has had a lot of back and Forth with PlayStation this year and There's another response from Xbox boss Phil Spencer about PlayStation's move to Block Microsoft's Activision Blizzard

Acquisition in an interview with the Second request podcast Spencer said Quote there's only been one major Opposer to the deal and it's Sony and Sony's trying to protect their dominance On console and the way they want to grow Is by making Xbox smaller Spencer made Sure to reiterate that Microsoft's Acquisition of Activision Blizzard is to Strengthen Xbox's presence in the mobile Gaming sphere rather than to strip games Away from PlayStation However last week the Federal Trade Commission announced its intent to block The deal stating it would hurt the Market competitiveness in the console Space we'll be sure to keep you updated On the latest news as soon as it breaks On this acquisition Modern Warfare 2 Took over Elden ring sales dominance as It is now the best-selling game in the U.S of 2022. well I'm a little sad Elden Ring lost its title it's really no Surprise that Call of Duty would take Over according to the NPD group Modern Warfare 2 held its top spot in November Beating out God of War Ragnarok Pokemon Scarlet and violet and Sonic Frontiers Modern Warfare 2 is also the fastest Selling Call of Duty having beat out Black Ops 2 by making 1 billion dollars In just 10 days after last year's Call Of Duty Vanguard didn't live up to Expectations modern referred to you was

The Call of Duty game that players Really needed and clearly looking at the Numbers here wanted actually come to Think of it I think Modern Warfare 2 was The first game in recent years that I Pre-ordered digitally just to get it to The access for early beta Guess I'm part of those record-breaking Sales numbers you're welcome Activision Are you excited to play Armored Core 6 And actually how would you make a Soulsborne Mech game is that even Possible let us know I'm Stella Chung And now that you're all caught up on the News check out my Warzone 2.0 review That just dropped last Friday be sure to Download the IGN app to stay up to date With us subscribe to the daily fix on Snapchat and of course for all things Gaming keep it right here at IGN

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