Armored Core 6 Might Disappoint Soulsborne Fans (But That’s Okay) – Beyond 780

Will Armored Core 6 be anything like the Soulsborne games we’ve grown accustomed to? How has Elden Ring’s success affected FromSoftware’s approach to the latest Armored Core game? In this episode of Podcast Beyond, Max scoville, Jada Griffin, Brian Altano, and Akeem Lawanson dive into what makes Armored Core so different to FromSoft’s most successful games. Whether you’ve played previous Armored Core games in the past or not, we’re still very curious whether anything will change with the series, especially considering how successful Elden Ring was this year, even taking home the Game of the Year award from The Game Awards last week!

Also, Akeem has had something brewing for years now that he’s FINALLY able to talk about! What’s with this beef with Brian? Find out in today’s episode of Podcast Beyond!


00:00:00 – Intro
00:01:13 – Armored Core 6 is NOT a Soulsborne Game
00:12:34 – Why We Need a Spider-Verse Game
00:19:00 – Sonic was Always Good: Akeem vs. Brian
00:33:20 – Marvel’s Midnight Suns Impressions
00:44:59 – Thoughts on the Forspoken Demo & Outro

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