Arctic Awakening – Official Gameplay Overview Trailer

Hey everyone this is James from gold Fire Studios and I'm the director on Arctic Awakening we are so excited to be A part of the mix showcase this year and To be giving an exclusive look at some New gameplay Yeah not really I'm good [Music] Hey it's me still kicking Come back if you read me You finished with your beauty sleep No I don't need Any apartment In Arctic Awakening you play as Kai an Ex-navy pilot who crashes in the remote Alaskan Wilderness and must journey to Find his missing co-pilot however the Icy conditions will be the least of your Worries as you'll encounter various Mysteries hidden amongst the trees I Think you should look at this you'll Also be facing the elements with only a Court mandated therapy robot Alfie to Keep you company This scale Now Kayan Alfy's relationship doesn't Exactly start out on the right foot You know considering the whole Court Mandated aspect and all But through dialogue choices and the Actions you take that can all change Throughout the course of the adventure You'll go on together [Music]

What do you think we should do You shouldn't confuse Alfie for just Another robot along for the ride Alfie is a full-fledged companion Character who will Aid in your journey In countless ways from accessing Unreachable areas to helping solve Various Mysteries that you'll encounter You're both lost out here and will have To work together to find your way Both physically and mentally [Music] Source of the light Off [Music] And we're out of here in no time anyway Huh All of this takes place in a massive Handcrafted world for you to explore and Experience chihistorian We hope you'll join us to help Kai find His co-pilot and Away Home when Arctic Awakening releases on Steam and consoles In 2023 Until then be sure to wishlist on Steam Say hello on our Discord and check out The demo available now for a limited Time

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