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While we wait to get a glimpse of MODOK’s theatrical form in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, Funko’s giving us our first peek at what the villain will potentially look like in the upcoming Marvel film. In a tweet posted earlier, Funko showcased upcoming Funko Pops and keychains featuring the big-headed baddie. As Ant-Man crawls on by, Spider-man thwips his way onto the scene with this new image from Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse. Along with the new image, which pictures Miles and Gwen sitting upside down, we’re teased that we’ll soon get a new view from across the Spider-Verse coming December 13th. And speaking of making a splash, Rick and Morty season 6’s finale is aiming to do just that come December 11th in an episode entitled: Ricktional Mortpoon’s Rickmas Mortcation.

Yo what's up everybody Hakeem here in Today's fix of entertainment news our First look at Modoc and Ant-Man and the WASP quantumania comes from an Unexpected Source we've got the release Date for the across the spider-verse Trailer and a look at the season six Finale of Rick and Morty let's drop it [Music] Right now while we wait to get a glimpse Of modoc's theatrical form funko's Giving us our first peek at what the Villain will potentially look like in The upcoming Marvel film in a tweet Posted earlier Funko showcase upcoming Funko pops and keychains featuring The Big-headed Baddie now as you can see He's fully armored almost looking like a Golden variant of Ultron That this particular take on Modoc is Likely his final form or his battle Armor as we'll surely see a big fleshy Face attached to that tiny little torso At least you know for the comic relief Of course if anything now the Description for the Funko Pop reads Quote explore the quantum realm but Watch out for Modoc he's heading out for Big Adventures as a Funko Pop floating Along on his doomsday chair anticipate a Universe of adventures with Funko Collectibles from Marvel Studios Ant-Man And the WASP quantumania now we Currently don't know who will be playing

The mental organism designed only for Killing but if it was up to me I'd give It to Patton Oswald now he did a Phenomenal job on the animated Hulu Series and it's a shame it was canceled After just one season Now Marvel Studios has a track record of Making animated counterparts live-action Realities as we've seen with Captain Carter from the what if animated series Jumping on into live action with Doctor Strange too now it's totally conceivable To have Patton as Modoc and to his Credit he kind of already looks like him And just look at this image like he Clearly took his Rose seriously for the Animated series and he could bring that Very same depth and humor in the live Action I'm curious to know who y'all think will Play Modoc in the upcoming Ant-Man and The WASP film sound off down below and Look forward to quantumania hitting Theaters February 17th of 2023. as Ant-Man crawls his way by Spider-Man Thrips his way onto the scene with this New image from Spider-Man across the Spider-verse now along with this new Image which pictures miles and Gwen Sitting upside down we're teas that will Soon get a new view from across the Spider-verse coming December 13th now we Do know that this sequel aims to amaze Audiences with six different art styles

And it will make a colorful Splash onto The big screen June 2nd 2023. And speaking of making a big splash Rick And Morty season six's finale is aiming To do just that come December 11th in an Episode entitled Rick National mortfoons Rick Miss Mortication so weird they that's what They do though I know what their titles Anyways if it isn't obvious it'll be a Holiday special of sorts with Rick Delivering presents he gathered from Across the Multiverse but from the promo It's hard to say if we'll get a finale As grounded as the fifth season but Whatever we get it'll be exciting to Enjoy it over chestnuts roasting on an Open fire Does anyone actually even roast Chestnuts over an open fire I don't know Anyways Rick and Morty's season six Finale airs December 11th And that was your entertainment fix for Today I'm akima Watson thank you all for Watching now that your Carnival today's News please check out our previous Episode download the IGN app on all your Devices for everything else stick with IGN

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