Andor: What Are The Prisoners Building? | Canon Fodder #shorts #ign

What are the prisoners in and or Building they don't know what they're Building they have no idea Cassie and Endor and his fellow prisoners of the Empire are doubling their efforts to Build these mechanical components Literally working themselves to death or They get shocked to death whichever Comes first but what are they making Here we spoke with Kino Loy himself Andy Circus and he says there is an answer to This question actually I personally do Know and and I'm not going to give it Away because I think that I think the Fans will sort of be able to figure it Out if they know their things so what's The theory then the Empire does have a Pretty major construction project going On where they're building a whole ass Moon out of dura steel so there's a good Chance that whatever these components Are they're probably going to get Plugged into that before it goes online And becomes fully operational Obviously it's a prison ship owned by The Empire so whatever the Empire is Building they know it's probably not for You know for the good of the good of the Universe in any way [Applause]

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