Andor Episode 9: So THIS Is How Liberty Dies | Star Wars Canon Fodder #StarWars #Andor #Shorts

The senator from chandrilla stands with Those in opposition to the emperor's new Public Safety legislation Tell Liberty dies And nurse Applause and or episode 9 just Showed us how Liberty really dies in the Star Wars Galaxy as more and more Senators ignore mon mothma's plea to Stop Emperor Chief Palpatine from Basically doing whatever he wants Batman Amadala thought that this was the moment But this was just sheave basking and his Victory in the same room where he kicked Yoda's tiny green ass the trouble is That people don't always agree well then They should be made to anyway more World Building here as the Galaxy moves closer Towards padme's abusive husband's Political ideals by the Battle of Yavin About five years in the future on the Timeline Emperor shiv had dissolved the Senate completely and of course we all Know why we've been calling him shiv or Palpatine or the dark lord of the Sith But he was mad at a room of politicians Who were using his true name I am the Senate Ah

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