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Andor Episode 7 shows viewers that pulling off a mega heist against the Empire isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. The slow-burn Star Wars series once again forces Cassian Andor into close quarters with Imperials, and he and the other surviving members of the heist on Aldhani should be scared out of their skulls. Join IGN host Max Scoville for Canon Fodder and the full Andor Episode 7 breakdown.

Andor is an incredible show, likely among the best under Star Wars. Andor episode 7 takes us to the next level post-heist for Cassian Andor. Breakdown or not, he’s got to move on after the end of the last Andor Episode, when Cassian Andor killed Skeen and fled the team.  Andor trailer footage showed us there’s much more to come in the Star Wars show and we’ve got the full analysis and the Andor easter eggs you want for episode 7 of Andor. Explained simply, everyone is reacting and war is becoming more imminent post Aldhani, and we know what Rogue One is about, so it’s not hard to guess. Star Wars: Andor gives us insight into the how and why of the war, and the Andor episodes so far are a great map led by Cassian Andor. Easter eggs are only one of the things Luthen Rael can be counted on as well in Andor. 

Disney Plus brings us plenty in Andor episode 7: Announcement, though our hero is not yet the Rogue One Andor we know will become of Cassian Andor. Heist? Or Announcement? We’ve got you covered and we know you want to know about that Star Wars easter egg. The Disney Plus show is taking its time, but providing so much context and story in this Diego Luna fronted series, that we are taking you beyond our IGN Andor review and into so delicious analysis, easter eggs, and more. IGN host Max Scoville has it all here in this edition of Canon Fodder where we’ll get more than just that ending explaining in our full breakdown. 

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