All the Spideys in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse – Trailer Breakdown

The new trailer for Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse features all manner of new Spider-People, so we identify all of the new and returning Spideys from across the Spider-Verse. Miles Morales, Spider-Gwen, and Peter B. Parker all return, and they cross paths with Spider-Man 2099 and Spider-Woman, as well as Mangaverse Spider-Man, PlayStation Spider-Man, Werewolf Spider-Man, Spider-Monkey, and what may be Tom Holland’s MCU Spider-Man, plus many more.

The new trailer for Spider-Man across The spider-verse starts with Miles Morales mother telling him to take care Of himself and that's advice he really Should take to heart because he's about To wind up in a really sticky situation Where a whole Multiverse worth of spider People are after him but who are these Faces some familiar and some new here's Every Spidey we've identified from the Across the spider-verse trailer after The chat with Mom the trailer picks up Where the first movie left off with Spider-gwen reuniting with Miles and Whisking him away across the spider Verse wanna get out of here and hey look At that Miles has a new suit Gwen takes Miles to what appears to be a base of Operations for the spideys a Nexus in The spider-verse in the comics the web Warriors headquarters was called Loom World a location they assumed control of After defeating the villainous Inheritors Loom world was special Because from there they could access the Web of life and Destiny to Traverse the Spider-verse this base in the film Doesn't exactly look like Loom world but Either way it's where we see all manner Of spideys of all different shapes Colors and sizes now while some of these Spideys we recognize a lot of them Appear to be brand new original designs Created just for this movie so we're

Going to list the ones we've identified And have a little fun speculating about The others Starting on the ceiling there's a Spider-Man with a glowing suit that Reminds us of the Velocity suit and the Mark IV armor next up there's the PlayStation Spider-Man with his Signature white spider symbol on the Left is a spidey sporting the black and Gold bulletproof spider armor Mark II on The right we see spinnerette these Superhero Alias of Mary Jane Watson Parker and the little one next to her in The helmet is Annie Mae Parker daughter Of MJ and Peter the Spidey with the Mechanical legs on her back is Mabel Riley AKA steampunk lady spider that one Conducting traffic may be a redesigned Spider cop that's mangaverse Spider-Man At the top and yes he is doing the Naruto run look at him go on the right We see none other than werewolf Spider-Man and on the left is the Bombastic bag man who makes a couple Appearances in this trailer there's Peter B Parker eating a snack naturally He's sporting a baby carrier this time Which he uses for little Mayday Parker Looks like thing things went well for Him after the events of the first movie Where we last saw him bringing flowers To MJ in a bid to get back together well Looks like they did get back together

And now he's a spider dad next up making A badass entrance on a motorcycle is a New major player in the spider-verse Jessica Drew AKA Spider-Woman voiced by Issa Ray she's fighting the vulture Voiced by yorma takoni although the Vulture is either really dirty or Perhaps this is a variant merged with The Sandman if you look closely Spider Woman appears to be pregnant just like She was during one of her major story Arcs in the comics and here is the Futuristic Spidey teased at the end of The first movie Miguel O'Hara AKA Spider-Man 2099 voiced by Oscar Isaac From what we've seen here and in the First teaser Spider-Man 2099 starts out As an antagonist who is after miles for Some reason and that reason clearly has Something to do with the little girl Gabriella pictured on this screen in the Comics Miguel has a brother named Gabriel So This is likely either Miguel's daughter named in Gabriel's Honor or maybe Miguel's niece either way Kingpin's motivation to create the super Collider in the first film revolved Around getting lost family members back So maybe it gave Spidey 2099 the wrong Idea but even though Miguel and miles Are at odds they'll probably sort things Out and team up to fight the real Villain in classic comic book fashion The real villain was already revealed to

Be the spot although he doesn't appear In this trailer and director Kemp Powers Said that he will also be in a sequel Beyond the spider-verse it's not long Before the spideys are all after miles And we get a look at Superior Spider-Man Who is actually Doctor Octopus secretly In control of Peter's body so watch out For that one on the right the black and White Spidey is reminiscent of the Anya Corazon Spider-Girl although she is Missing her signature ponytail so it may Not be her miles is tackled by a spidey With six arms and while we can't Identify this particular character are Having eight limbs just like a real Spider is a freakish condition Spider-Man has often had to deal with in The past on the left that looks like the MayDay version of Spider-Girl and then Miles is also tackled by armored Spider-Man and then Spider-Man zero Enters The Fray and he is of course the Spider-Man from fortnite in a blank and You miss it shot we catch a glimpse of What looks an awful lot like the MCU Spider-Man specifically the suit seen in Far From Home hi Tom Holland maybe hey Everyone a whole heap of spideys give Chase and one in particular seems to Have the same color and design as the Classic villain shocker this other Spidey has a similar design to Kane's Red and black Scarlet Spider suit in the

Forefront that looks like Earth X Spiderman and in the background there's Spider monkey from the Marvel Apes Universe that Spidey in the Cape is Spider-Man Unlimited and then the Trailer wraps up as Spider-Man 2099 Finally catches up with Miles Morales as For what happens now next we'll have to Wait and see when Spider-Man across the Spider-verse releases on June 2nd 2023 Thanks for watching those are all the Spideys we spotted in the trailer which One are you most excited for and did you Notice anyone that we missed let us know In the comments see you next time right Here on IGN Ore really We are supposed to be the good guys we Are

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