Age of Darkness: Final Stand – Official Cyrus Trailer

Meet Cyrus, the bow-wielding hero of the survival-RTS Age of Darkness: Final Stand. This trailer goes over his attacks, abilities, and more. Check it out on Steam in Early Access.

Foreign [Music] [Music] Explosive traps and AOE volleys Cyrus Dominates the battlefield beneath the Rebellion Banner Welcome to Cyrus's hero Spotlight ready To lead By the war wound that slows his movement Cyrus's reputation as a master ranged Combatant and inspiring leader is Unquestioned equipped with a longbow and Cow trips Cyrus is a powerful ranged Attacker his passive and active Abilities are versatile while Cyrus's Ultimate ability unleashes a hail of Devastating projectiles down on his Targets Cyrus's passive ability splintering shot Causes the force of his mighty arrows to Pierce through his initial Target and Into those behind it That makes splintering shot perfect for Repelling multiple enemies at once Cyrus's first active ability snipe Releases a long-range piercing shot that Deals massive damage to the front Target And any Targets behind it His second act of ability caltrips Covers the battlefield in traps that Explode on contact with the Enemy Dealing damage and slowing them once Placed caltrips last for some time Allowing Cyrus to shape the battlefield

To his advantage Cyrus's ultimate ability violent Folly Is perfect for raining chaos down from Afar over a wide area of effect plus Cyrus gets increased chance of Triggering splintering shot as well as a Boost to attack speed thanks for Watching Cyrus's hero spotlight The keep up to date with age of Darkness Head over to the official Discord Channel [Music]

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