7 Reasons To Return To Pokemon with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

New open-world exploration, undiscovered creatures to capture, and fresh trainers to defeat! Here are 7 reasons why the release of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet provides a great opportunity to dive back into the game franchise. Sponsored by Nintendo UK.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are out now, only on Nintendo Switch.

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Pokemon has evolved new features Characters and creatures await those Curious enough to explore every inch of The series first truly open world game If you're a trainer whose Pokedex has Been Gathering dust this new release Provides a great opportunity to jump Back into the franchise here are seven Reasons why it's time to get back into Pokemon with Pokemon Scala and violet This is paldaya a sweeping new region Based on the Iberian Peninsula in Southwestern Europe Just like in previous Pokemon Adventures You'll find bustling cities and Beautiful nature but no loading screens Open areas have existed in Pokemon games Before but paldea is the first where Players can seamlessly Journey from end To end across land water and Sky to Cover such vast distances you'll need The help of Pokemon like the two new Legendaries corridon and miraidon set a Destination pin on the map jump on their Backs and explore Depending on whether you bought the Scala or Violet Edition the game begins With your enrollment at either naraha or Uber Academy Here School director clavel presents a Unique study assignment the treasure Hunt which tasks you with journeying Across paudia to uncover your fortune One trial is the now familiar Victory

Road defeat eight gym leaders from Across the land and earn the right to Undergo the champion assessment for Ultimate Glory For the First Time Players aren't limited to gym battle-led Progression Starfall Street centers on This generation's baddies team star These School skipping delinquents are Stirring up trouble around paldair as You explore the region you must Infiltrate their bases battle their Grunts and the clock and earn the right To take on their Starmobile riding Squad Bosses like the fire Crews mellor and Finally there's the path of Legends a Rare plant called The Herbert mystica Grows across paldea and your friend arva Needs it to help create healthier Recipes for Pokemon take down giant Gatekeepers called Titan Pokemon in Tricky boss battles to gather enough Herbal mystica to bring arvin's Grand Plans to fruition Since progression in Pokemon Scala and Violet is non-linear you can take on These stories in whatever order you Choose the paldean world is your Cloister Paldea is filled with a pokedex bursting Cast of new Pokemon for starters there's Sprigatito foikoco and quaxley grass Fire and water types respectively There's also smalliv lechonk sea titan The Fluffy bread fairy pup Fido and an

Evolution of girafforig ferrigarath There are countless others but every Pokemon can be viewed on the revamped Pokedex app via your Rotom phone however There's also something extra special About the Pokemon that call paldea home A unique shimmering energy simmers in The ground underneath paldea and when Harnessed it transforms Pokemon this Process is called terasterizing and it Can turn the tide in battles by flipping A Pokemon's abilities a seasoned Trainers will know Pokemon possess one Or two of 18 Elemental types for Instance fire or electric in paldea Pokemon also have a terror type which Usually matches their regular type when A Pokemon terasterizes any moves that Match its Terror type become Supercharged However there are rare Pokemon whose Terror type is different from their Regular type for example this Sudowoodo Is usually a regular rock type but since Its Terror type is grass when it Terasterizes it's no longer at risk from A grass-based attack This has huge implications for strategy On the field Catch these strong terrastal Pokemon Through raids or by keeping your eyes Peeled for the likes of this Jigglypuff See how it Sparkles and Shimmers that Means it can terasterize

Only trainers who possess the rare Terror orb can make their Pokemon to Rasterize in battle and the orb must be Recharged after use So harness this ability wisely Save time in the Wild by using a brand New command called let's go this sends Lead Pokemon to Auto Battle whomever you Tell them to and triggers skirmishes That are passively resolved in seconds If your Pokemon wins you'll pick up Valuable items and experience points for The rest of your party albeit slightly Fewer than if you were to battle in a Traditional turn-based setup you can Also use let's go to send a Pokemon to Pick up items for you saving you the Trouble of those extra few steps Once you've gathered a number of items By defeating and catching Pokemon head To one of the Pokemon centers dotted Across paldea there you'll be able to Access TM machines which are new to this Installment to craft technical machines Which upgrade your team by teaching your Pokemon Punchy new moves Finally Pokemon has always had Multiplayer elements like trading but Scarlet and violet are the first to Introduce fully co-op gameplay where you Can explore the whole open world map With friends join forces with up to Three others to play through the main Stories face wild threats and defeat

Terror Pokemon in raid battles a new Feature also allows you to cheer on your Pals in battle with pep talks that boost Stats like attack or defense Round up your team and embark on a fresh Adventure in Pokemon Scala and violet Out now only on Nintendo switch For everything Pokemon including news And guides keep it locked to IGN

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