7 League of Legends Worlds Playoffs Stage Moments (We Think Are Neat!)

The League of Legends 2022 World Championship is reaching its grand finale, where T1 and DRX will face off to see who is crowned the best in the world. We can’t wait to see what players like Faker, Pyosik, Deft, and Zeus will pull off in the grand finals.
So to get you ready for this clash, we’re highlighting 7 moments we think are neat from the World Championship Playoff stage featuring players like GenG Ruler, JDG Hope, and DK Canyon! Make sure to tune in to the World Championship Finals on November 5th to watch the grand finale unfold.

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4K Health should be a clean Smite The League of Legends 2022 World Championship is reaching its Grand Finale and will Crown one team as the Greatest in the world to get you ready For the grand finals here are seven Lightning Fast moments we think are neat From the World Championship Playoff Stage presented by Samsung ssd.com still Has ultimate available they don't quite Know where he is now they do and now Inaugery [Music] Connects the Moonlight vigil immediately Jovi goes golden Doran gonna do the same Thing now with all my God Toby gets rid Of Canyon but yeah [Applause] He will take Toby with him they don't Know they're all men they don't know They're all men The volleyball Jeff has a Flash and he'll stay safe Without a top laner how do you fight his DRX a massive pick onto the TP but he Does have 50 seconds on the death timer EDG is Now setting up for the dragon Let's see if death can land the Poke to Potentially be a game changer 4K Health should be a clean smite [Applause] The oceans [Applause] They got a Summoner spell Viper attack

Stays alive double Stunna Will not allow it going with the Quadra Kill in his first ever world Championship and on his back everyone's Coming towards this Dragon orange have Started it up T1 looking for an angle do You want walking can't sleep against the Wheel they're going to be forced to make A decision soon they don't have the TP Advantage and already there's the Silence on the top side they know that They have to force this objective take a Talk or the game will fall away from Them it's a slow take on the Elder for Either side of the stage of the game GP Now coming in we're looking for the bull On 55 The pullback Defenders are already Down if they get to the back side they Get on to Gumi it could all fall apart But already the alt is massive the Hostile takeovers no no T1 how can you Make this Twitter matters Do you want to take the fight the dream Ever the team won't feel Sandy they will Turn towards the outer Dragon a New Yorker ropes and T1 find the fight they Need against RNG and getting another Crash into the turret there are only one And a half plates remaining left on this Bottom Lane turret for rogue conf and Trimmie continue to struggle as yagao Disengages Larson with a stolen V Sim

Kick and home So damn good the gale force combined With the ultimate beautiful execution From Hope if kellen's still down a lot Of the defensive power Available for Doc Dom is not there Oh my god wow okay well showmaker is now Very low on health is peanuts gonna face Check but he confused padwave comes Through docked I'm looking for his Opportunity Moonlight vigil is gonna Find enough [Applause] Don't want to care One more to show me he goes golden is Now peanuts trying to do it can Toby get There and Head to Kia they have found their way Back in and they might have just won the Series and I said he couldn't do it but I should never have doubted Canyon the Three-man knock-up into the Scout of the Week is dumb one are back in the case The baron will be theirs and we are Witnessing one of the best series Says I don't care I don't need Baron Buff Faker in the fight TRX now a man Down can they stop edg's Baron I don't Know if they can they don't have a Jungler here and Barrel has Nobody's the Top Lane they've got to get Back to Ace they've got to answer him Don't see me going they said more [Applause]

Is it is [Applause] No the game was in your It was right in front of you in the Inhibited Sports absolute heart break For TRX set up with the mid lane Pressure on for both sides everyone on RNG knowing that a single misstep could Cost them breathe on the flank gate goes A little bit wide they're trying to lock Him down xiaohu now stepping forward Carry off to the side not trying to make It out Kuma Still Standing on the back Line and goes to yode the damage is Massive the Soraka healing will it be Enough but no the eight trucks falling Down Gala can he be the Difference Maker He takes down the herald they're on the Retreat but here Okay carrier still stay It's it's a slot T1 clean house tune in to the world Championship finals on November 5th to Catch more incredible plays like these And find out who will raise the Summoner's cup and for everything else League of Legends you're already at the Right place IGN

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