7 League of Legends Worlds Moments (We Think Are Neat!)

The League of Legends 2022 World Championship is in the books, and saw the top 24 teams on the globe face off against each other to prove themselves as the best of the best. If you missed the tournament or want to relive the excitement, here are 7 Lightning Fast Moments We Think Are Neat from the League of Legends World Championship.
The grand finals between T1 and DRX were incredible, and gave us some of the most best league of legends plays from Faker, Deft, Pyosik, Gumayusi, Zeka, Zeus, BeryL, Oner, and Keria!

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Foreign The League of Legends 2022 World Championship is in the books and saw the Top 24 teams on the globe face off Against each other to prove themselves As the best of the best if you missed The tournament or want to relive the Excitement here are seven Lightning Fast Moments we think are neat from the League of Legends World Championship Presented by Samsung SSD Meanwhile Peril up here in the Top Lane Grenades and Rockets not going to get a Whole lot done just yet Barrel still not Level six kingdom goes in owners the Target but now sales is locked down Carrie is here over the wall it's First Blood over to owner and I won are Absolutely outplaying piyoshik will not Find the damage yet he won't find the Damage at all carry against it and T1 Goes three for nothing really quick Reaction times there and now no Ash Arrow for the pick for T1 they still Have the flash Advantage though yeah Dragons already gonna be started T1 have The aggro but kingen is again on the Flank gumayushi's at two thirds HP Drake Is gonna be secured but Kingdom's coming In carrion say who's going on the wall Kumayushi is caught but he goes into the Stopwatch only for a moment shut down Back over to zeka oh it's his Target E2 Strikes Drew and owner is trapped or is

He now he's finally gonna be killed Double kill back of an asylum T1 gets One back but they're still retreating Becca Flash in Decca looking for the Triple five time with zonius king gets Ready to back him up Faker goes over the Wall say who's tries to fight but the Damage pours in Deca grabs a third as They're now going to find Faker here on The bottom Lane Kingman and Jeff do the Work and that's money in depth pocket And DRX will cut them all down but he's Looking for a T1 lying in weight they Know he's there they have started it up T1 need to find a response soon 15 Seconds on Faker D1 T1 ready to go Trying to see if there's an angle TRX Are in the pit but this is so risky the Government ready to try to fight ready To try to steal Barrel at 200 hp Baron At 4 000. it's ready to use the stolen Ulti he throws on her away Foreign [Music] Entire world holds their breath watching Owner steals the baron away from the red Smite combination he does it again he Stole the dragon he steals the baron Owner smites are sick DRX though King it Might be in trouble Sears looking for Masecus on the way nicely done from Carrier and from Sayo is just gonna give Him another as DRX crumble around the Smite steal owner and Barrel that

Hostile takeover was beautiful Kerry is Trying to find a little bit of vision They have no Smite though can't do me Usually steal it is alrighty let's do it Says he's gonna have to disrupt a lot Here carry a look at his own barrel away Death pulls him right back he's ready to Go through Faker and they find him Deft Again we'll kill Faker in the mirror but Deca dies to the baron Otto T1 is Fighting back the Barrett still at three Thousand acres Doesn't He did it last time Empowered Varys snipe it's over I think T1 could look dead 30 seconds on death Waves coming in both the dips down They're pushing what makes this Tower Left This game will be defined by two Baron Steals Kingdom tries to get him as much Time as they can nice hostile takeover On the three but it will not be enough Barrel is knocked back King and trying To Frontline this but T1 knows what they Gotta go for they're looking for an Access they'll take it down and T1 are On Match four I cannot believe it this Is your last game it's all decided here TP coming in from Faker T1 wanna Pressure down this mid Tower DRX not a Lot of wave here to respond barrels Getting locked down but he gets away Lots more damage pouring in but not

Enough to kill him Around from the side King is on the flag Now too oh they're waiting on the TP to Come in she's gonna be targeted he tries To get away but he's gonna take it off First just trying to get away they're Finding more damage as owner's about to Fall out of the ocean now Sanders wants To fight against Kingdom the ball There's no hits him alive and DRX is Winning the fight Was still Freddy Faker dies second goes In and carrier will die two For nothing TRX music brushes himself Off he gets back up and he gets the Engage to break the game open that's Gonna be DRX on Baron they take down Four of T1 the flake from piochic on the Top side and then teleport in from zeka TRX Circle T1 like shocks turning them In T1 didn't find a response Goomba can He steal it [Applause] Say he was gonna move into the pit he's Ready for that Angle now carrier owner Both chunked a little bit zekka and the Rest of DRX are not damaging the Drake Any further they're going to allow it to Reset carrier And when they need it most but now he Takes some damage back he has to walk it Off but Drake's at 4K a little bit of Damage over the wall barrels trying to Block him dragon is secured it is down

And G1 are trying to fight back the Ocean's Under Fire he will drop it is a Two for three four two in the fight Excuse me but what kind of League of Legends are we watching T1 chunking out The health bars decide to go for The Elder Kingdom's still ready TP coming Back in for TRX say Houston owner here In the pits Deus goes over the wall but King is ready to find him q1 Q2 finds His place back inside the pit Drake Gonna slightly reset Gonna come down to a Smite Fight King is Off Barrel has deals with back up no Carries on the flashes look at the Trap Ryan look at the Caitlyn he's trying to Stun him away They're going for the next step can they Do it in time King and comes back Hillary drinking the ready but what can He do two three no damage just yet But they still have the Elder Dragon Buff on DRX they're gonna run straight Back into the hearts of T1 and they end Is this it T1 are so vulnerable and Wounded TRX have the older Dragon four Members down Hold the line the RX are coming for Their world championship title the Cinderella story tractor push again TRX They're on to inhibitor number one only Carrier is gonna be up it's still 10 Seconds on owner TRX will March forward Carry on wants to hit the

Waylander kumayushi he's dead they have Been doubted they have been discounted They 20-22 world Fields What was your favorite moment from Worlds which team was the most exciting To watch let us know in the comments and For everything else League of Legends You're already at the right spot IGN

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