21 Things God of War Ragnarok Doesn’t Tell You (Early Game)

God of War Ragnarok does a decent job easing you into the gameplay, but there are still a lot of things you need to learn on your own. Thankfully, we’ve done that part for you, so here are 21 things that God of War Ragnarok doesn’t tell you.

As far as gameplay goes, we’re trying to show the bare minimum here so that we don’t spoil anything. Much of this Ragnarok PS5 gameplay is captured from the first few realms, including the Svartalfheim level, so we don’t give too much away. We have plenty more Ragnarok tips, guides, and game help coming soon from later in the story, so make sure to check back with IGN after watching our God of War Ragnarok review!

God of War Ragnarok does a good job of Letting you know how to play but this is A big adventure with a lot of mechanics And not everything gets explained fully With that in mind here's part one of the Things God of War Ragnarok doesn't tell You We are doing our absolute best to not Spoil anything so for this first part We're keeping it to tips that can be Applied early in the story we'll have a Part two later on that dives even deeper But for now to be extra careful here's An early game spoiler warning Mystic gateways are ragnarok's way of Quickly moving between or within Realms But you don't have to go anywhere to Make use of it if you need to top off Your health and your rage and really who Doesn't in these trying times simply Interact with a Mystic Gateway and it Will fill your meters all the way up Kratos may be a calmer and less Impetuous individual than he used to be But he can still find some Merit and Breaking random objects around him as He'll usually be rewarded with three Hack silver go ahead buddy let it all Out While some of the smaller enemies in Ragnarok can be the most annoying you Can find a brief bit of catharsis by Holding the left trigger and pressing R1 With the blades of chaos equipped for an

Insta kill wretches will have their Heads popped like override grapes and You can even fling nightmares back into Their enemies like bombs cathartic and Useful If you're finding yourself too reliant On a particular skill or you keep Activating it by accident you can Disable any skill that you've learned While on the skill tree menu by holding Triangle or listen to Father Kratos and Just learn some self-control both will Work It's a bit varied in the menus but you Can upgrade your runic attacks by Spending XP so make sure not to use it All on the skill tree it may be needed Elsewhere When traveling on the branches of Egdrasil between Realms it can be easy To just keep walking forward to get to Your next Gateway but if you Veer off to The edge of the branches you can get Some extra voice lines from Amir or Atreus if you do remember we don't have The unity Stone to let us jump off right Make sure you check the labors tab of The goals section of your menu you'll Find a ton of things you can get extra XP for like killing a certain type of Enemy freezing bad guys or finding Collectibles across the different realms Atreus's skill tree will grow over the Course of your adventure so if you don't

Feel like spending any XP on his initial Skills hold on to it for later If you're getting frustrated while Trying to clear out a section of a realm Only to be met with an Undiscovered on The map you may need to come back later After unlocking different areas or Traversal tools Watch out for ormer as they can be a Great source of crafting resources they Look similar to Axolotl but these Creatures won't harm you they'll sit on The surface making a repetitive cry and When they catch sight of you they'll Burrow underground find a vantage point Nearby where the armor can't see you Before taking it out with the ax to Claim your bounty You can hold triangle to charge Frost Awaken on your Leviathan ax before Starting an encounter to give yourself An early leg up make use of this Especially before opening a door where You know there will be a fight A good way to get yourself out of a bad Situation is to activate your rage as it Will usually stagger an attacking enemy This is especially useful if you missed A yellow parry and get staggered not Today Hades Speaking of Staggering enemies picking Up a health stone while an enemy is near Will stagger them too Health and rage stones that are not

Dropped by enemies will respawn so don't Worry about saving them for later Keep up to 60 manual saves if you feel The need to go backwards at any point Ragnarok is usually pretty good at Giving you different points to explore And do what you want but it's nice to Have those slots if you need them If you're having trouble with mini boss Fights you can turn on an option to add Checkpoints to those fights in the Accessibility menu scroll down to the Combat section and you'll see it last on The list note that you can't turn this On for certain difficulties [Music] Enemies health bar colors aren't only For flavor they actually tell you the Enemy's level relative to your own green Means they're a lower level yellow means They're the same level orange means They're one level above you purple means Two levels above you and red is the Horrible and feared three levels above You just run away at that point Seriously what are you trying to prove Odin's Ravens can be difficult to hit With your ax but you'll receive a method Later in your journey that makes them a Little bit easier to strike so don't Feel the need to spend too long with one If it's getting frustrating Performing different skills a certain Amount of times can actually unlock

Further upgrades for that skill later on In the story so make sure to vary your Skill use starting early on You can also power level these skills by Using them in the sparring section in Nippleheim even though you won't get any XPO resources you can still use this Area to get stronger While it's good to experiment with a few Different sets of armors you progress Don't worry about trying to upgrade each Piece at once if you really want to try Out other gear later that you neglected Early you'll eventually be able to buy Certain resources directly from Brock And Sentry as you progress the story There you have it 21 things God of War Ragnarok doesn't tell you early on stay Tuned for part 2 where we'll dive deeper Into the mid and end game and for now Make sure to check out our review of God Of War Ragnarok for everything else Gaming you're already in the right place IGN

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