21 Minutes of Marvel’s Avengers Winter Soldier PS5 Gameplay 4K

Marvel’s Avengers latest update adds the Winter Soldier Bucky Barnes and gives you a questline to take down certain enemies and get used to the new character. We’ve compiled all the cutscenes and some gameplay together from the first seven steps of the quest giving you a little bit of a look at how Marvel’s Avengers Winter Soldier gameplay works.

During the Cold War there was a theory That one agent at the right place at the Right time with the right skills Could be more effective than an army That agent Was the Winter Soldier that agent My military career began as Captain America's psychic Steve was four years my senior and Everything I wanted to be the Warhead of The plans Under the Soviets They gave me a metal arm and took away Everything I was But Matt She made me remember when it was to feel Human We knew it was forbidden But I loved her more than anything When they found out they put me back on Ice I lived only in waking nightmares as the Winter Soldier lost Sleep It was hard waking up alone to a new World even worse after a day I couldn't find that Steve Steve was Gone I just wanted to do good For him I failed Monica rapachini reactivated the Winter Soldier Two years I spent being experimented on

Assassinating people abducting Inhumans For aims research Sometimes I think I should have never Woken up But I'm really glad I did Avengers Move out James That hey Hey Making yourself at home Is that okay Of course I'm just Surprised you picked here felt right I guess Come by later and I'll show you around But we should go find Steve He wanted to talk to you lead the way [Music] It's good to have you back You're telling me I thought I was hallucinating when you Pulled me out of that facility yeah I've Been there I won't be staying long what you're more Than welcome to a string of words Steve That's all it takes a simple phrase and Suddenly I'm turning my weapons on my Friends Monica still has those protocols which Means there's always a chance it could Happen again then we find and destroy Them

For good she's right we've destroyed Monica's plans before that's why you're Here We can do it again but where do we start I don't remember much from those two Years and the stuff I do well It's not exactly helpful Found something suspicious on one of Ames Riot Bots we took out a couple days Ago there's a file on it called zema Zephyr backup and I haven't seen Anywhere else Though it's corrupted Beyond analysis There is a good chance It could be nothing it could be but that File name Zephyr What they called the program Seema Winter Besides anything suspicious that Ames Doing is worth investigating I wouldn't Mind destroying some Bots anyway Sandbag's been feeling a little soft Lately but that taped up column of Concrete hanging in your room Soft sounds like you're out of practice Book All right First to 30 buys lunch oh I hope you Like Coney Island Hot Dogs [Music] I'm attempting to locate The Shield Agents and will update your HUD shortly

Aim will most certainly try to hamper Your progress be careful An elite aim team is close by and on Alert updating your heart One of their agents is down Another region down [Music] Well done that Squad member must be Neutralized Come on Another enemy defeated The team are no longer a threat Foreign The Arc reactors nearby Jarvis are you Picking up anything Locked on and ready Commander Hill good Luck out there An elite aim team is close by and on Alert updating your HUD We've got company This is interesting Foreign Member of the elite team must be Defeated Foreign One of their agents is down Another agent down Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign The pizza wasn't bad you're welcome but I've had better oh Okay

You want to take this outside cap if You two can leave that for later we have No Intel to go over one of those Bots Had the Zima Zephyr backup file so the Two machines were paired looks like it Is there more on the file no just this There should be more a set of orders is Meaningless without an objective IPods follow drones What What's the Drone doing my thoughts Exactly let's go make them talk I will scan the area for aim signatures And update your heart be on your guard There are Inhumans caught in a standoff Up ahead Backup has arrived protect those Inhumans Heads up Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] A team of Watch Dogs is in the vicinity I've sent their location to your HUD YouTube Leveling the area The sounds are all open nice work [Music] Foreign Good news we got the full zema Zephyr Backup file

Let's see it Okay That's a lot The Bots and drones were paired up like We thought Bots followed the drones and The drones Followed me That line right there to subdue the Winter Soldier why would Monica need to Subdue you if you were under her mind Control good question To subdue the Winter Soldier in the Event of non-compliance engage backup Protocols Riot bought to relay submission Algorithm phrase Sputnik James you okay I'm fine I just Have that word [Music] I was on a mission a drone was tailing Me I was I was annoyed that it had to be There I I didn't want to get in my way Monica's programming was imperfect I Escaped at one point but I didn't even Know who I was And wasn't long before Monica got me Again After that she had the riot bots in There in case I went rogue he quit them With that damn sleeper phrase to put me Out before I could run do you remember Anything more Siberia Base for Monica's brainwashing protocols We'll have to work fast it's gonna be

Heavily guarded I have just the thing a Program to wipe Monica's protocols from Ames entire global data Bank and I added A nasty present in there to cause some Chaos while we're at it a present virus Here so while we're plugged in it Replaces their data with audio files of I'm sorry what is a hard base [Music] Oh Nat that is that is amazing Uh nothing Look let's move out Siberia is not getting any warmer [Music] Foreign [Music] Scientists are fighting aimed forces They want to defect help them God [Music] You're up We've reached the fight scene portion of Our program Help those scientists defeat aims forces [Music] Get ready Stop [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Scientists are safe sending them pickup Coordinates so they can evacuate [Music]

[Music] Good job Avengers You've saved our people so they can Fight another day The resistance will surely succeed with You watching their backs

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