12 Things The Witcher 3 Doesn’t Tell You

Along with the Witcher 3 next gen upgrade, we’ve made a tips video that should help you get reacquainted with Geralt of Rivia. Here are 12 things The Witcher 3 doesn’t tell you!

Using mostly PS5 gameplay after the next gen update, we’ve taken a collection of tips we’ve dropped on our wiki over the years to create this Witcher 3 guide video. Rather than focus on just next gen features, we’ve tried to make this useful for everyone, and focus mostly on gameplay help.

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The Witcher 3 wild Hunt is one of the Most critically acclaimed RPGs to Release in the last several years and With the new updates coming to current Consoles on PC there's never been a Better time to jump in whether this is Your first time with the tale of geralt Of Rivia or you're just looking for a Refresher to hone your witchering ways Here are 12 things you should know that The Witcher 3 doesn't tell you Filthy By any metric The Witcher 3 wild Hunt is A massive game even before considering The lengthy expansions you'll first be Dropped in white Orchard which is only a Fraction of the size of the full map There's tons to do there but the game is So much bigger than that so try not to Get stuck and burn out if you feel Yourself getting bored Advance the main Quest to open a wide New World although Keep in mind that some side quests need To be finished before leaving and you'll Get a pop-up saying that you failed if This is the case thanks previous Autosaves look around trouble Brewing Witcher's potions aren't for humans even If you've made it through the early Hours of the wild Hunt without needing To become a master Alchemist potions Oils and eventually decoctions are a Hugely useful part of a witcher's tool Kit even if you spec out most of your

Skill points into combat and Magic you Absolutely shouldn't write off Alchemy As Unworthy of your time as some are Especially useful in combat the black Blood potion which you can find for free In this Castle near novograd returns Damage from vampires and necrophages who Hit geralt and the upgraded version adds A nasty knockback effect regardless of Whether you want to brew complex potions Like that or just whip up some health Juice we've got a full guide to The Witcher 3's Alchemy system over on IGN Speaking of potions and where you can Put your skill points if you find that Geralt isn't leveling up quite the way You would like there is an item called The potion of clearance that you can Consume to reclaim all your skill points And rebuild your character this potion Can be purchased from a few different Vendors including this merchanted Novograd welcome back this Merchant in Skellige welcome to the Sarah Grove And sorceress Kira Metz I'm so pleased The world's still able to Astound you Geralt If you're more a traitor than a Craftsman be sure you're selling your Goods to the right vendor certain Merchants will pay more for items they Can resell themselves arborers have Better prices on Armor and clothing Blacksmiths pay more for weapons food

Has a higher value within keeps and Taverns and so on and so forth I even Say the hangovers are blind baguettes Are lucky Crossbows often level Maker tools but other than being a good Way to hit flying enemies it's literally Your only line of defense underwater and Can even insta-kill certain creatures That will take quite a few hits while on Land Geralt is a Nimble and Powerful Boy but If you try to strike one too many times In a row the enemy will just attack Through your combos your best bet is to Hack away a few times before backing off And letting them swing at air and Speaking of evading your enemies Rolling covers a vast distance in The Witcher 3 and can get you out of danger Quickly but time your Dodge is right and Invulnerability Frames will allow geralt To pass through enemy attacks without Taking damage and keep the distance Close for a counter-attack roll when you Need to clear some space or cast some Defensive signs but stick with Dodge to Help keep up the melee pressure You get a brief tutorial on how to use Signs in combat early on but there's a Lot more Nuance to it than you might Expect Quinn for instance might be The Witcher Shield but it can also be used To cleanse certain status effects

Anything that deals geralt's damage over Time poison bleeding burning Etc all Those effects can be removed by casting Quinn also if you're someone who likes To use igne a lot be careful when you Use the Ard sign it can extinguish Flames so avoid using it if you've just Set a group of unfortunate Bandits light Fun fact geralt names all of his horses Roach so I like to believe that every Time you call this horse it's actually a New one teleporting in from some far-off Dimension Regardless of my wonderful fanfic ideas Roach will often spawn right behind you When you call him if you're faced away Rather than slowly amble his way towards You if he's in your line of sight so Don't be afraid to turn your back on him I'm sure he doesn't bite it's probably Fine Come on Roach While Witcher 3 does tell you that you Can hold the Canter button to keep your Horse trotting along a mapped rotor path What it leaves out is that you can also Do this while Galloping and it won't Drain any of your horse's stamina you'll Still have to manage it while Galloping Over Open Fields or uneven terrain but Once you make it onto a road you're Literally on Easy Street If you're in mounted combat or riding Through the woods and attacked by

Monsters roach might start to get a Little panicky thankfully you can use The axi sign to calm your Steed so that You don't get tossed from the saddle if On the other hand you're not mounted and Your enemies are you can use axi on Their Mount to knock them off their high Horse and onto even footing Geralt faces death every day so he often Likes to keep his romantic trysts casual But sometimes this can backfire if you Romance too many ladies in the same Playthrough I don't want to say much More for fear of spoiling some memorable Scenes but if you want to be doubly sure You're not crossing the wrong woman be Sure to check out our romance guide on Ign.com for more details I'd even Embrace you were you not covered in Blood And there you have it 12 things The Witcher 3 doesn't tell you thanks Bunches what are some things you wished You knew for your first playthrough feel Free to leave them down in the comments Below and for everything else gaming Keep it right here on IGN

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