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0:00 Intro

1:00 Phil Spencer Talks About Call of Duty on PlayStation Again

4:49 Elden Ring Reaches New Milestone

6:57 New Xbox Game Pass Games

12:45 Nintendo Switch Falls Behind NPD

16:21 Poll of the Day ( Game of the Year Nominees )


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Foreign For some more Xbox game pass games Because well you're getting some that's Right they just revealed some more games So not only do you get pentiment today Which is reviewing very very well with An 86 overall score on Metacritic but Now eight more games are coming your way I mean I say it all the time but you Know what it's it's true it's just hard To keep up with Xbox game pass and I'll Show you exactly why here in just a Little bit as I cover those eight new Editions also the rumor mill speculation Or whatever you want to call it the Switch successor coming sooner rather Than later seems more and more realistic By the day as some surprising results Was posted up yesterday before we get to Anything though you know what to do Whack those buttons below like subscribe And of course that most important Bell That way you never never miss another Video again Let's just go and jump around to things Though starting off with Call of Duty on Playstation I mean if this wasn't Already very very I mean just absolutely Crystal clear by this point Call of Duty Will remain on Playstation I I mean I Mean I really have no idea why this Question needs to consistently be asked By every other week but I mean it here We are it's just it keeps happening this

Time though the question coming from a Decoder podcast is Phil Spencer was Asked about the situation on there and One thing the interviewer did was they Said that uh one way you could get this On Playstation is by allowing them to Stream it but then Phil Spencer quickly Interrupted and said this native Call of Duty on Playstation not linked to them Having to carry Game Pass not streaming They want a streaming version of Call of Duty we could do that as well just like We do in our own consoles there's Nothing behind my back it is the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 doing great on Playstation doing great on Xbox the next Game the next next game native on the Platform not having to subscribe to Game Pass Sony does not have to take game Pass on their platform to make that Happen there's nothing hidden we want to Continue to ship Call of Duty on Playstation without any kind of weird Aha I figured out the gotcha so I mean There it is once again he's just kind of Laying it all out there he's being very Very absolutely crystal clear here Call Of Duty will remain multi-platform for PlayStation he also makes it clear that This includes future Call of Duty games As well not just this year's Call of Duty not just next year's but the next The next the next the next you kind of See where he's going with this now

That's kind of the thing that's popped Up here recently it was discovered that This game operates on some type of Contract that could be ending in around 2027 or something like that and Technically after that contract ends Well Xbox could pull it off of PlayStation but they have been very and I mean very very adamant that that's not What they're doing here see the thing is And I've talked about this before but Minecraft that is another game that has Remained multi-platform even after Microsoft acquired it and the thing About that game is I'm sure that it Probably operates on the contract as Well it's just a lot of people want to Kind of ignore that entire situation It's actually pretty clear that they Absolutely do intend on treating it like Minecraft and just keep it Multi-platform and there their words They want to bring it to more platforms Not less I think Sony actually knows That I believe they're being a little Disingenuous as they're they're just Kind of afraid of this acquisition as a Whole especially with the inclusion of Xbox game pass But as far as Regulators Regulators will Continue to ask the question is Microsoft being true to their words and Will they keep Call of Duty on Playstation even after that contract is

Up well Phil Spencer he actually Responded to this as well by saying this Idea that we would write a contract that Says the word forever in it I think is a Little bit silly but to make a longer Term commitment that Sony would be Comfortable with Regulators would be Comfortable with I have no issue with That at all now we've actually talked About this before there might be some Concessions at the end of the day I Think the deal will go through just Because I really do believe Microsoft Does have a good case here I mean a lot Of the things that Sony's complaining About they do themselves but Microsoft Might be willing to make some small Concessions here to get the ball rolling And Phil Spencer even says that here as He's willing to extend that Call of Duty Contract even further so there it is I'd Like to say that this puts this Ridiculous debate to rest I mean it's Pretty obvious by this point but in Reality I imagine we're probably gonna Be talking about this exact I mean exact Same topic here in just a couple weeks As somebody else will of course bring The question up again Next up here let's go and talk about Elden ring real quick as Bandai Namco Just revealed it sold 17.5 million units As of September 30th now this is Actually pretty crazy stuff for from

Software game I mean I mean this game is Even outpacing games like Call of Duty And we all know just how massive that Franchise is but to see Eldon ring a Highly difficult game that doesn't hold Your hand reach the mainstream the way It has it is such an exciting thing to See in the game industry I posted this Up on Twitter yesterday and this might Be a little bit of a side rant but I've Been playing God of War Ragnarok Recently which as expected is an Absolutely amazing game I love it myself But one thing that's been a little Irritating to me is the blatant and just Unneeded hand-holding like what's the Point of puzzles in games if your Companion is going to give you the Answer in like 30 seconds they don't Even let you experiment in this game They just right away tell you the answer I don't like that I want to be Challenged and I want to figure things Out myself that's a big part a video Games for me I mean if I'm really stuck To the point that I grow frustrated well That's what the game Community is for That's what the internet is for we can Help each other out but I I don't want The answer just given to me unless I Specifically ask for it now I know the Reason that developers do this and That's because they want to reach that Mainstream crowd but that's kind of the

Thing about Elden ring it's proving that You don't need to hold players hands to Have success and that's exactly why I'm Just so thrilled to see Eldon ring have The success that is having because it's Not your typical mainstream game it's Challenging and it just puts you into This engrossing world and then they just Kind of tell you go out there and be Somebody good luck and that's pretty Much it it's up to you to figure things Out like I said though it's just such a Different game to reach that mainstream And I want to see other developers kind Of take note of that as for Alden ring Though big big congrats first off but I Mean by this point I'm just ready to Jump back into this game hopefully with The game towards next month maybe They'll announce its DLC expansion there Definitely crossing my fingers for that We'll talk about some Xbox game pass News though that's always a lot of fun But yes not only can you play pentiment Today which has received High remarks But they did also just reveal eight more Games that are coming this month in November as you can see here this Includes Insurgency Sandstorm gun grave Gore Lapin soccer story Norco Dune spice Wars ghost lore and then last but not Least dark tide Warhammer now I think All this in addition to pentiment I Think that's actually a nice little

Lineup of games no not necessarily quite As big as last month with games like a Plateau Requiem and Persona 5. I mean That that's a that's a tough fact to Follow but I think that there's still Some interesting games here first up I Mean we might as well just go and talk About pentiment now we did actually talk About this one yesterday but just in Case you missed that video again it did Release today and critics seem to be Absolutely glowing about this game it Does have an 86 overall score on Metacritic as of this recording now it Is a different style of game as it is a Murder mystery set in a 16th century and It's really a narrative Adventure game It's not like some action-packed game or Anything like that but this is coming From Joss Sawyer and Obsidian Entertainment yeah the same director and Studio that's brought us games like Fallout New Vegas and pillars of Eternity now we know for a fact he knows How to put a good narrative together so You definitely definitely might want to Check out pentiment as you can download That one right now now as for you Console Gamers the big day one inclusion That I've seen Garner a lot of interest Is gun grave Gore this is like a stylish Third person shooter that mixes in melee Combat and it actually reminds me a lot Of Old School shooters now there might

Actually be a good reason for that Though because apparently this is a Sequel to a bit of a cult classic that Released back on a PlayStation 2 in 2002. so if you were one of those that Was a big fan of that game or if you Just like Old School shooters in general Well its sequel is coming 20 long years Later and it will launch directly into Xbox game pass on November 22nd this Game just looks like a lot of fun though I mean it gets right to the point and It's it's all about being stylish Putting combos together and just Creating that maximum damage with just Absolute pure chaos I mean if anything I Think this game looks like it'll just be A fun time so you might want to download Gun grape Gore again on November 22nd Then also on the PC side of things Warhammer Dark tide is set to launch day One on November 30th now unfortunately The thing about this game is that the Console versions was delayed for a short While but it will also be coming to Xbox And Xbox game pass sometime later down The road so No Frets there however if You do have PC game pass then this is Actually a really really nice inclusion The Warhammer series really just kind of Speaks for itself this is a good series Dark tide though is a Cooperative Focus Shooter coming from the same team behind Warhammer vermintite now that was a

Great game so that's already a good sign Here but you know this game does also Look like a lot of fun and I also think That it's a perfect fit for something Like Xbox game pass I always love it When they include these Cooperative Based games because if you and your Friends all have Xbox game pass it's Just such an easy thing for everybody to Just kind of jump into and just knowing The pedigree of this series yeah yeah There's a good chance that this could be One of the better Cooperative games to Play this holiday so if you're on some Type of holiday break over the next Month or so yeah dark tide might might Be a good download here when it releases Into PC game pass on November 30th now One game though that I'm particularly Interested in here is soccer story this Is yet another day one launch title That's releasing directly in the game Pass on November 29th but it is another One of those Sports RPG games we have Seen these type of games be on a little Bit of a rise as of recent games like Golf story dodgeball Academy and games Like that but I think this one Particularly looks really interesting This game is set in a world where soccer Has been banned but then you the Protagonist finds a magical soccer ball In which they set out on a Grand Adventure to compete and solve all kinds

Of physics soccer related Maybe that includes kicking a ball at Incoming shark or even something like Fishing with you guessed it a soccer Ball I mean why not we apparently need Fishing in every single game but they Did actually do in a creative way this Time there actually does seem to be a Lot of creativity in this game though Just as a whole and and I'd say that This one might be one of those sleeper Hits it really just seems like on a Monthly basis there's always a couple of These smaller games that releases in the Game pass that turns out to be pretty Good of course early this month ghost Song that very much was one of those Games but I'd also say don't sleep on Soccer story because this one could end Up being a fun time now the last game Here though that I want to touch upon is Lapin this is yet another as you guessed It a day one inclusion this is a 2d Platformer with a really nice animated Art style to it I don't know if it's Necessarily got the most creative Protagonist in the world you can play as A rabbit but the gameplay does stand out To me the way the mechanics work in this Game kind of reminds me a little bit of Something like Celeste which I mean I View that as an all all-time great 2D Platformer now to be fair that game was Excellent both in terms of its story and

In its gameplay but nonetheless I I Think the gameplay does look good in Lapin again not really sold on the Protagonist per se but I think the art Style looks good and gameplay looks like A lot of fun so if you like 2D Platformers this one will release in the Game pass tomorrow on November 16th There you have it though there might not Necessarily be that big Blockbuster Release for the second half of November But I think there's definitely some Interesting games here if if you want to Give them a try yourself let me know What you think though does any of these Games interest you and if so which ones I think for me personally between Ghost Song earlier this month and then also With pinchment and really even soccer Story I mean I have plenty plenty to go Through here Now we also got some really interesting Results for October's NPD as Matt Piscatella posted this up over on Twitter usnpd Hardware PlayStation 5 was The best selling video game Hardware of October in both unit and dollar cells While Xbox series ranks second across Both measures he also pointed out that There was a decline in other Hardware More than likely meaning for the Nintendo switch so this is actually Quite interesting because for such a Long time the Nintendo switch has really

Been a dominant platform just breaking Records I mean I mean this thing has Been putting up insane numbers for such A long period of time but it does seem Like the Nintendo switch is starting to See some slowdown in fact Nintendo has Alluded to that themselves just earlier This month not only have they seen a Decline year over year but also they had To scale back their sales forecasts from 21 million units sold for their fiscal Year back to 19 million that'll be fair That's still very very impressive but Them scaling back their forecast has Been a little bit of a trend here as Well so so again it does look like the Switch is starting to slow down now to Be fair again it is still selling Incredibly well but as you can see with This NPD it does appear once again is on A decline and there were some big Nintendo games launched last month Including Mario plus rabbit Sparks of Hope and also Bayonetta three keep in Mind Splatoon 3 that also launched one Month before so it is seeing a Slowdown Despite some of those big releases now As for the Xbox series and PlayStation 5 Selling more though in the month of October what's happening there really is That both these consoles are getting More stock it's really that simple we Talked about this last month but it Seems like some of those manufacturing

Issues have improved and both Sony and Microsoft they are seeing a big influx In consoles I mean you can even say the Same thing for valve and steam deck People had that console Reserve well in The 2023 but then suddenly last month They were able to ship everybody their Steam deck so it does look like some of The main manufacturing issues that we've Been seeing for the first two years of Their life cycle have improved hence the Big increase for the Xbox series and the PlayStation 5. the switch though this is A console that has been a little bit More readily available for quite a while So they've been a lot more stable on how Many units they can sell on a monthly Basis the reason that we're talking About all of this though is that this Once again does bring up the question The switch is a nearly six-year-old Console that's starting to show its age Even with their first party releases now That it is slowing down is it time for Nintendo to prepare for that switch Successor so they talk about it next Year in 2023 and I think that it is Actually possible we hear about it as Early as next year though I don't know If it'll necessarily be official I'm not Completely convinced it will release in 2023 because at the end of the day slow Down or not the switch is still selling Very very well so they they have

Afforded themselves a little cushion Here not to rush things but I could see A point if they don't talk about it There there could be a chance that we Start to see leaks pop up next year Online if you remember right leading up To the switch there was a lot of Nintendo NX leaks and that goes back to 2016 if I'm remembering correctly here And the switch released in of course Early 2017. so I think one way or the Other there's a pretty good chance that We hear about the successor for the Switch next year I'll tell you what Though it'll be really interesting to See how the Nintendo switch does this Month with something like Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet with that Being such a huge release that that's Definitely one to watch out for as this Should tell us a lot about the state of The switch year over year Let's go take a look at the poll today That we're asked you all now that the Game awards revealed the game of the Year nominees which are you voting for And as you can see here the winner goes To Eldon ring with 59 of the votes Second place goes to God of War Ragnarok With 22 10 of you voted for a plague Tell Requiem six percent of you voted For Xenoblade 3 or stray unfortunately Only have five choices for YouTube polls But then here at the bottom you have

Horizon forbidden West at three percent Now I actually think all these games are Absolutely excellent I still don't Necessarily know if straight deserves to Be on this list there's a lot of other Games I would have chosen over that but It is what it is at the end of the day All these games are very very good games But yes I am I am with you all on this One Elden ring I mean there's not very Many games that I can think of that has Hooked me the way this game has this is A just a pure game through and through It doesn't need those cinematics to make It interesting or anything like that This is just a good game through and Through and and really in terms of its Gameplay its world and all that I I Think that it sits among the best that's Ever been made so so I think it's kind Of one of those generational type of Games it's gonna be one of those games That everybody talks about all Generation long just because if that's How good this game is so yeah I'm gonna Go with Elden ring here as well again I Think God of War Ragnarok is an Absolutely amazing game don't get me Wrong I in most years I'd probably give That the game of the year but but this Time I'm gonna have to go with elder Ring in this situation that's the one That really just absolutely hooked me Looking through the comments though and

B Phillips said I wanted to be a plague Tale Requiem but I can't see it not Being out in ring it took the industry By storm God of War Ragnarok and Horizon Forbidden West are Contender so they're My best bet if it's not Elden ring However plaguetail won awards that Relate to all categories so it's winning Something honorable mention Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shredder's revenge And yeah that's the thing here I think All the games that you mentioned are Absolutely excellent games including as You said Shredder's revenge it was Quietly a good year in a delayed riddled Industry it's really hard to tell though What game will win game of the year I Was pretty sure that Red Dead Redemption 2 was going to win back in 2018 but Instead God of War actually won that one I'll say this much though every time a Cognore game comes out it gets really Really tough competition but I think the Easy bet here is that Elden ring or God Of a Ragnarok will win which one not That there's the big question who really Knows they're they're both amazing games So I guess we'll see sometime here soon Enough Anyways though that's it for this Episode but if you liked the video don't Forget to buy notification And subscribe Button for more content just like this Also if you'd like to support the

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