Why PlayStation needs a new handheld #playstation #gaming #consolegaming #shorts

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Sony do you remember handheld gaming Well guess what handheld gaming is Actually really big right now and we'd Love to have you back Nintendo switch is A massive hit the analog pocket sold out Instantly the steam deck is super Popular and every first party PlayStation game that Sony has supported The steam are all verified to work on Steam Deck with a little green check Mark meaning they're all basically Handheld games already you don't even Need to compete with the DS or 3DS Systems anymore because Nintendo Consolidated their handheld and console Pillars with the switch five years ago They're not even looking now's your Chance PSP sold 80 million units Vita Sold 16 million it's psvr only sold 5 Million and you're giving that thing a Sequel make a handheld system again do It for me do it for the world do it for PlayStation

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