Why Marvel Studios Should Eventually Bring T’Challa Back As Black Panther

With Black Panther: Wakanda Forever upon us, I figured now would be the ideal time to take a look at the titular character, T’Challa, and what stories are left to be told in the MCU. After the untimely death of Chadwick Boseman, friends, family and fans across the world mourned the loss of the actor that introduced the iconic Black Panther in the MCU. His legacy will live on in his work, and even in death his impact was felt. His influence casts a huge shadow over the upcoming Wakanda Forever film, which many members of the cast and director Ryan Coogler have stated will honor the actor who portrayed T’Challa. While Boseman’s death led Coogler to reshape the script to acknowledge the loss of the actor who portrayed the character, it’s likely we won’t be seeing T’Challa’s #BlackPanther anytime soon in the coming Marvel Phases. But that doesn’t rule out the possibility of a variant showing up at some point. In fact, I think it’d be a smart move for Marvel to eventually replace T’Challa in the #MCU.

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The time has come for you to come home And be reunited with me after the Untimely death of Chadwick Boseman Friends family and fans across the world Mourn the loss of the actor that Introduced the iconic black panther in The MCU now his legacy will live on in His work and even in death his impact Was felt now his influence casts a huge Shadow over the upcoming wakanda forever Film which many members of the cast and Director Ryan coogler have stated will Honor the actor who portrayed t'challa Now from what we've seen in the trailers It seems like a lot of emotions are Surging through the citizens of the African nation and it's clear that Wakanda and the MCU also lost t'challa Now while Bozeman's death LED Kugler to Reshape the script to acknowledge the Loss of the actor who portrayed the Character it's likely we won't be seeing T'challa's black panther anytime soon in The coming Marvel phases but that Doesn't necessarily rule out the Possibility of a variant showing up at Some point in fact I think it'd be a Smart move for Marvel to eventually Replace t'challa in the MCU and here's Why wolf captain I won't ask a second time Now both Spider-Man no way home and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness introduced us to the mcu's

Multiverse on the big screen with Loki Playing within the realm on Disney plus Hello Now the Multiverse gives Marvel a world Of almost infinite possible outcomes for Some of our beloved Marvel characters Like think about it what if there's a Universe out there where Tom Cruise is In fact Tony Stark Foreign [Music] Decides to take up arms as a black Panther variant should likely have some Ties to the wakanda we already know like Maybe there's a universe out there where Killmonger became the ruler of wakanda And the next Black Panther like I guess Technically there's probably a Schrodinger's Universe where he won that Fight with t'challa and maybe he ended Up pushing t'challa into the sea Now variants can exist all day and it's More than possible that there's a Universe in the mcu's Multiverse where T'challa is still alive and Remains the Black Panther but what about the main 616 Universe could killmonger actually Return lieutenants killed monitor what Is that German a nickname Clearly a good fit I see where they got It well honestly it depends on if Marvel Studios is willing to you know make some Loose adaptations based on events in the Comics like killmonger was in fact

Revived in Black Panther issue 20 during The Intergalactic Empire of wakanda now These were events that occurred after The secret Wars so maybe Michael B Jordan could return at some point the World's gonna start over and this time We're on top but you know what that's Besides the point the real question here Is what is the reality of Marvel Recasting the role of t'challa I must Take the amount of the back I must Ah I must write these wrongs speaking with Empire magazine earlier this year Kevin Feige talked about how it was just too Soon to recast the role of t'challa at This time going on to say quote Stan Lee Always said that Marvel represents the World outside your window and we had Talked about as extraordinary and Fantastical as our characters and Stories are there's a relatable and Human element to everything we do the World is still processing the loss of Chad and Ryan poured that into the story Entire family is gone Now feige said in the interview that it Was too soon to recast the role not that It was outside of the realm of Possibility so it's likely we may see T'challa reappear eventually oh Obviously if we do the MCU will have to Lean into the whole multiversal Trope of Making it all feasible and logical and

Honestly that's not impossible with the What if animated series we were Introduced to a t'challa that didn't Become a black panther but instead Star-Lord Stop throw some respect this is the Star-Lord and from there he became a Member of the Guardians of the Multiverse and head writer of what if A.C Bradley confirmed with us here at IGN that the animated Anthology is in Fact Canon to the overall MCU quote it's Part of the MCU Multiverse the Multiverse is here it's real and it is Absolutely fantastic people Hey Shut up Now we've seen Agent Carter who first Appeared in the animated series show up As part of the Illuminati in Doctor Strange of the Multiverse of Madness so While it may not be possible for Chadwick to reprise his role given the Circumstances it's likely Marvel Studios Will do its due diligence in recasting T'challa eventually with an actor Fitting for the role now William hurt's Thaddeus Thunderbolt Ross was recently Recast with Harrison Ford William Hurt Is a legendary actor and while it's Rather unfortunate he passed away his Legacy and contributions in the role of General Ross will not be forgotten and Harrison Ford is in my humble opinion

Worthy enough to carry that torch Foreign With all this to think about what are The upcoming events and movies in the MCU that could see The Return of the King well t'challa's black panther made His debut in 1966 and a Fantastic Four Issue 52 and with the theatrical release Of Fantastic Four slated for 2025. it's Likely we won't see that particular Story play out but it's such an iconic One man with black panther going head to Head against each member of the team to Test their medal but there's so much More yet to be explored with t'challa's Black Panther in the MCU there's like so Many pivotal and iconic moments we might Never see on the Silver Screen due to The absence of t'challa and speaking of Silver Screen there's Fantastic Four Issue 545 where t'challa rolled on the Silver Surfers surfboard and somehow Managed to subdue the metallic humanoid Although I'm pretty sure the Silver Surfer was likely just playing possum in That particular scene to siphon off Infamous Mason from Black Panther but That was such a badass maneuver and Quite a lot of comic fans were talking About that very moment seeing black Panthers swoop on in to attack Silver Surfer while catching some Cosmic waves There was also a time when t'challa Subbed in for Matt Murdock as hell's

Kitchen's very own savior in 2018's Black Panther The Man Without Fear which Saw t'challa re-establish himself as a Hero but without the backing of his Kingdom or vibranium Tech now instead he Just had to rely on his ability to bust Heads using just his fists and feet the Sure the Marvel Cinematic Universe is Using Daredevil's new series Daredevil Born again to properly reintroduce Matt Murdock into the MCU but David Liss Francesco francovilla and hafte Palos Run on black panther The Man Without Fear might be an excellent way to Reintroduce t'challa back into the MCU In a way that adds a bit of grit and More complexity to our favorite wakandan Prince now there was also the time time During the intergalactic Empire of Wakanda story arc where t'challa Assembled a Powerhouse of Heroes to take On the resurrected killmonger and other Evil forces to protect wakanda Prime now This was a team that saw the likes of Iron Heart Miles Morales Spider-Man Luke Cage storm falcon and a slew of other Black superheroes t'challa just had on Speed dial now seeing that assembly of Greatness play out in the MCU would be Amazing not to mention the perfect Homage to a character that has proven Himself vital in the Marvel Cinematic Universe [Music]

And with the MCU set to take on the Secret Wars on the big screen you know It's possible they may pursue the 2015 Version of The Secret Wars which Reinterpreted the original story from The 80s by raising the stakes of those Particular events now this time around The ultimate universe and Earth 616 were On a collision course set to wreck the Multiverse and in a move similar to what We saw in the mcu's Avengers end game T'challa's Black Panther uses The Infinity Gauntlet and Infinity Stones to Take on the big bad guy in this instance Dr Doom in a fight to save both the 616 And ultimate universes Foreign Much like an in-game the stakes were High and it was great to see black Panther taking Center Stage as the main Hero poised to save the day Now this in my opinion cemented t'challa As one of the most valuable members of The Avengers and why I think there is Still so much more to be explored with That character in the MCU now in this Particular take on the secret Wars to Chala's Black Panther played a very Vital part man while it'll likely be Drastically different from the pages of The comics with the MCU knee-deep into The Multiverse maybe we'll see the Ultimate universes t'challa introduced But you know what it'll likely be years

From now till these puzzle pieces come Together but honestly here's hoping We'll see Marvel look to what's already Been laid out in front of them as the Blueprints to the current and upcoming Phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe So while we won't be getting t'challa in Black Panther 2 I personally don't mind Waiting till Marvel Studios Kevin feige Ryan cooler and everyone else in charge Of that decision feels the world is Ready to be inspired yet again by the Character Chadwick Boseman made so Iconic on the big screen like Chadwick's Brother Derek Boseman told TMZ back in 2021 that he 100 approves the role being Recast as his late brother shared with Him how Chadwick believed the character To be larger than himself so this move Would be fully embraced by his brother Which is honestly heartwarming to hear Now while black panther t'challa was Established in the MCU by Chadwick Boseman the role went on to inspire many Black people and Marvel fans around the World now with time and the right actor To portray that role in place I honestly Think Marvel Studios could eventually Replace t'challa and can continue to Inspire everyone through the proper Representation I'm akima Watson and for More Marvel news and videos like this Keep watching IGN [Music]

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