Why Marvel Is Upgrading Disney Plus’ Armor Wars To A Movie – IGN The Fix: Entertainment

Marvel is taking the Armor Wars Disney Plus series and making it a movie. Could this be Iron Man 4 in the #MCU? According to reports, the studio was committed to making sure it told the lengthy story of The #ArmorWars the right way, and apparently realized during the process of developing the series, in order to do it right the project needed a bigger runway. The upcoming project starring Don Cheadle as War Machine will now be redeveloped as a feature film for a theatrical release. Is this the right move by #Marvel? Tony Stark was obviously a very pivotal character to this storyline, and Don Cheadle’s War Machine will likely take up the mantle for him in Stark’s absence in the MCU. But Rhoady likely won’t be going into this war alone.  Ironheart will be introduced later this year in the upcoming Black Panther 2 movie and she’s also getting her own Disney Plus series next year, which could potentially set up some of the events we’ll see in the Armor Wars movie. As of right now, there’s no director attached to Armor Wars, but Marvel is apparently looking at kicking off production in 2023. In other news, fans of the Community series are getting a movie. And finally, McDonald’s is offering up adult Happy Meals.

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