What God of War: Ragnarok doesn’t tell you about poison #godofwar #godofwarragnarok #shorts

Here are four things God of War Ragnarok Doesn't tell you poison is one of Ragnarok's best status effects by far it Lowers the enemy level as you can see by The color of the health bar changing the Most effective ways to apply poison are Through freya's first runic summon and Lunda's armor you can pick up in Anaheim When you max out an Armor's level you Can edit its appearance to look like Other armors you have whether they are Maxed out or not so level the armor with The skills that you want and then go Forth to be the god of fashion as you Travel you'll see various Hearts painted On the wall with two names these Locations are important to a later side Quest that asks you to find cooking Materials so make sure to remember where You saw them while playing as atreus and Yotenheim don't immediately move on from The Rock skipping minigame if you Skip One perfectly a clan will spit out an Item it's all about the timing so try to Let go right when his hand flashes Wow did you see that

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