What animal does Sonic look like? #podcastbeyond #sonicthehedgehog #shorts

That sent out a survey on IG on Twitter And just asked these random questions About PlayStation and I got like the top Six answers for all of them we're gonna Quiz you guys not on how well you know The games but how well you know these Gamers if you didn't know Sonic was a Hedgehog even though his name is Sonic The Hedgehog what animal would you think He is uh porcupine porcupine is the Number one answer that's a that's a Gimme right he's he's spiky what's your Next guess an ant eater I don't know no Man eater is not on the board here Max a Third of you mouse mouse is on here Number two answer Mouse slash rat we got Four more answers on the board Dog dog number four all right he's he's On it all right cat cat is number three Wow nope you got the last two ends just Left

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